Southwire history, profile and history video

 Southwire makes building, utility, industrial power and telecommunications cable products, and copper and aluminum rods. The company also provides engineering, fabrication and inventory management services. Southwire customers include building contractors, utility companies and original equipment manufacturers for the automotive, electrical and industrial equipment industries. The company dates back to 1937, when Roy Richards, Sr. erected power lines for the Rural Electrification Administration.”

“Southwire History

Our roots extend to 1937, when Roy Richards, then a young 25 year old, started a company to erect power poles. Two years earlier, he had graduated from Georgia Tech. While the promise of jobs paying $80 a month lured 90 percent of his classmates to New York, Richards chose to stay in Carroll County, a commitment he kept even after Southwire grew into a leading player in the wire and cable industry.”

*Information from Forbes.com and Southwire.com

**Video published on YouTube by “SouthwireChannel