STRABAG SE history, company profile (overview) and corporate video

       STRABAG SE is a construction company headquartered in Vienna, Austria. Its services cover the entire value chain in the construction industry: Building Construction & Civil Engineering, Transportation Infrastructures and Special Divisions.


       STRABAG Group has its origins in two companies: ILBAU (founded in 1835 in Austria) and STRABAG (founded in 1895 in Germany). 


       ILBAU’s origins date back to 1835 when the family craftsman’s business Anton Lerchbaumer, Spittal/Drau, Austria, was founded

       In 1929, “Baumeister Lerchbaumer – Isola – KG”, Spittal/Drau, Austria was founded.

       In 1949, the name was changed to “Baumeister Isola & Lerchbaumer KG”.

       In 1972, the company was reorganized as ILBAU-Aktiengesellschaft.

       In 1987, BAU HOLDING AG was founded as the holding company of ILBAU.

       In 1990, BAU HOLDING AG was listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange.


       STRABAG’s origins date back to 1895 when the ironworks “Remy & Reifenrath” was founded, later entried into steamrollers and the road construction business.

       In 1895, Straßenwalzenbetrieb vormals H. Reifenrath Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung”, Niederlahnstein, Germany was founded.

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       In 1923, “Straßenbau-Aktien-Gesellschaft”, Niederlahnstein was founded.

       In 1930, the STRABAG company name was introduced.

       In 1949, STRABAG AG, Cologne was listed on the Stock Exchange.

       In 1965, STRABAG Austria was founded in Linz.

       In 1986, STRABAG Austria was changed into a joint stock company and was listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange.

       In 1996, STRABAG acquired a majority stake in STUAG.

       In 1998, BIBAG Bauindustrie-, Beteiligungs- und Verwaltungs-Aktiengesellschaft, as majority owner of BAU HOLDING AG, took over the majority in STRABAG AG, Cologne. BAU HOLDING AG – with the main operative company in the group, ILBAU – and STRABAG AG, Cologne became sister companies.

       In 1999, STRABAG, Austria completed the takeover of STUAG.

       In 2000, BAUHOLDING STRABAG Group started operating throughout Europe under the core STRABAG brand. In Austria, ILBAU and STUAG will be merged into the new STRABAG AG.

       In 2001, BAUHOLDING STRABAG AG became the majority shareholder and parent company of STRABAG AG, Cologne.

       In 2002, STRABAG AG, Cologne, acquired the Deutsche Asphalt Group.


       In 2005, the STRABAG Group acquired parts of the WALTER-BAU Group, including parts of the DYWIDAG Group, HEILIT+WOERNER and a majority stake in Ed. Züblin AG.

       In 2006, BAUHOLDING STRABAG SE changed its name to STRABAG SE, which became the new parent company of the Group.

       In April 2007, Rasperia Trading Limited, a holding company owned by Russian industrialist Oleg Deripaska, acquired a stake in the share capital of STRABAG SE.

       In October 2007, STRABAG SE was listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange (Wiener Börse).

       In 2008, Adanti SpA (Italy), KIRCHNER Holding GmbH (Germany), F. Kirchhoff AG (Germany) and Deutsche Telekom Immobilien und Service GmbH (Germany) were acquired.

       In 2017, STRABAG AG, Germany, became a subsidiary of the Group.


       STRABAG operates through the following business segments: Building Construction & Civil Engineering, Transportation Infrastructures and Special Divisions.

    Building Construction & Civil Engineering

    • Bridge Building
    • Prefabricated Elements
    • Commercial and Industrial Facilities
    • Civil Engineering
    • Power Plants
    • Metal Construction
    • Public Buildings
    • Environmental Technology
    • Water Technologies
    • Housing

    Transportation Infrastructures

    • Railway Construction
    • Construction Material
    • Sewer Engineering
    • Pipe and Sewer Construction
    • Town Planning and Landscape Architecture
    • Paving, Large Surfaces
    • Rock Engineering & Protective Structures
    • Ground Engineering
    • Sports and Recreational Facilities
    • Road Construction, Earthworks
    • Traffic Engineering
    • Waterway Construction

    Special Divisions

    • Infrastructure Development
    • International Business, Across Various Business Units
    • Operation, Maintenance, Marketing of PPP Projects
    • Property & Facility Services
    • Real Estate Development
    • Tunnelling

    Group-wide brands:

    • STRABAG;
    • ZÜBLIN;
    • CML Construction Services GmbH;
    • Central Technology.

       With more than 70,000 employees, STRABAG SE is considered one of the largest construction companies in Europe. According to Forbes, it is considered one of the Largest Public Companies in the World.

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