More Co. Co., Ltd. history, profile and corporate video Co., Ltd. is a Chinese internet retail services provider headquartered in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China.

       The predecessor of Suning was founded on 26 December 1990 as an air-conditioner retail store.

       On 15 May 1996, Suning Domestic Appliance Co., Ltd. was incorporated.

       In 2000, the company was renamed into Suning Domestic Appliance (Group) Co., Ltd. and then Suning Appliance Chain Store (Group) Co., Ltd.

       In 2005, Suning Appliance Chain Store (Group) was renamed as Suning Appliance Co., Ltd.

       On 19 February 2013, Suning Appliance changed its name to Suning Commerce Group Co., Ltd.

       In 2018, the company was renamed Co., Ltd.

       The company operates through the following three main sectors: Retail, Real Estate and Financial Service.

    Retail is a leading O2O (offline to online) smart retail service provider in China and provides shopping solutions to its customers by opening its cloud platforms, such as supply chain cloud, customer cloud, logistics cloud, financial cloud, and marketing cloud.

       It has established a nationwide all-scenario offline network consisting of over 13,000 internet stores, including One Big – Suning Plaza, Plaza, Carrefour Community Center, Suning Department Store, Two Small – Suning Convenience Store, Suning Retail Cloud Store, and Multiple Specialty Stores – SuFresh, JIWU, Redbaby, Suning Sports, Suning Cinema and Suning MotorShop, etc.

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    Real Estate

       Suning Real Estate has developed its business in four real estate segments – commercial, industrial, residential and logistics real estate, and three smart operational fields – shopping malls, luxury hotels, and property management.


       Suning Finance mainly consists of 3 entities: Suning Financial Services Company, Suning Bank and Suning Consumer Finance Company. It focuses on “5+1” core segments: supply chain finance, SME finance, consumer finance, payment, wealth management and financial technology output.

       With more than 44 000 employees and over 1600 stores, Co., Ltd. is considered one of the largest non-government retailers in China and its e-commerce platform, ranks among top three Chinese B2C companies. According to Forbes, it is considered one of the top 2000 largest public companies in the world.

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