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    Catlin Group Ltd. history, profile and corporate video

     Catlin Group Ltd. is a holding company, which is underwriting specialty classes of insurance and reinsurance through its subsidiaries on a global basis. It operates worldwide through six underwriting hubs. The company writes a broad range of products, including property, casualty, energy, marine and aerospace insurance and property, catastrophe and per-risk excess, non-proportional treaty, aviation, marine, casualty, and motor reinsurance business. It was founded by Stephen John Oakley Catlin in 1984 and is headquartered in Hamilton, Bermuda.

    “Catlin Group History

    1984 – Catlin Underwriting Agencies Limited established at Lloyd’s.

    1985 – Syndicate 1003, managed by Catlin, begins underwriting with a premium capacity of £6 million.

    1988-1992 – Catlin produces profitable results each year during a period when the overall Lloyd’s market suffers enormous losses.

    1993 – Catlin acquires operations of Lloyd’s Syndicate 179.

    1995 – 10-year period of growth; Syndicate 1003’s premium capacity reaches £170 million.

    Western General Insurance Ltd. makes substantial private equity investment in Catlin.

    Lloyd’s Syndicate 2003 formed to write coverage on behalf of capital supplied by Catlin in parallel with Syndicate 1003.

    1999 – Catlin Group Limited incorporated in Bermuda as a holding company.

    First offices outside the UK established in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Houston, and New Orleans.

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    2001 – Office opened in Glasgow.

    2002 – Private equity funds invest US$482 million in capital.

    The second underwriting insurance carrier, Catlin Bermuda, begins underwriting.

    Catlin Group acquires the capacity of Syndicate 1003 from Lloyd’s Names and other third-party capital providers and merges Syndicate 1003’s capacity into Syndicate 2003.

    2003 – First European office opened in Cologne.

    UK offices opened in Leeds and Derby.

    2004 – Initial public offering raises US$182 million in new capital; Catlin shares listed on London Stock Exchange.

    Third underwriting insurance carrier, Catlin UK, begins underwriting.

    Office opened in Sydney.

    2005 – Offices opened in Guernsey, Antwerp, Toronto, Watford, and Birmingham.

    2006 – Catlin US, the Group’s fourth underwriting platform, established to encompass all US-based activities.

    Offices established in Hong Kong, Calgary, Atlanta, and New York.

    Stock placement raises US$65 million in new capital.

    Wellington Underwriting plc acquired, nearly doubling Catlin’s size and substantially expanding operations and office network of Catlin US.

    2007 – Wellington Syndicate 2020 merged with the Catlin Syndicate (Syndicate 2003), making the Catlin Syndicate the largest at Lloyd’s in terms of gross premiums written; Catlin Underwriting Agencies Limited becomes the largest underwriting agency at Lloyd’s in terms of managed premium volume.

    Offices opened in Zurich, Paris, Barcelona, Innsbruck, and Sao Paulo.  In the US, offices opened in Cleveland (Ohio), Lexington (Kentucky), and Philadelphia (Pennsylvania).

    Preferred share issue raises US$600 million.

    2008 – Offices opened in Boston, Woodland Hills (California), Munich, and Tokyo.

    2009 – Rights issue raises US$289 million in new capital.

    Offices established in Bergen, Bogatá, Hitchin (UK), Genoa, Mumbai, and Rome.

    2010 – Catlin acquires Angel Underwriting Strategic Holdings Ltd, a UK underwriting manager based in Colchester.

    Offices established in Melbourne, Oslo, Miami, Melbourne, Montreal and Vancouver.

    2011 – Catlin Reopens for business in Zurich”

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