Credit Suisse Group AG history, profile and corporate video

 Credit Suisse Group AG provides private and investment banking and advisory services. It operates through three divisions: Private Banking & Wealth Management, Investment Banking and Shared Services. The Private Banking & Wealth Management division offers financial solutions to private, corporate and institutional clients. It also offers investment funds to multi-asset class solutions, including equities, fixed income products or alternative investments. The Investment Banking division provides financial products and services, with a focus on businesses that are client-driven, flow-based and capital-efficient. Its products and services include global securities sales, trading and execution, prime brokerage and capital raising and advisory services, as well as comprehensive investment research. The Shared Services division provides centralized corporate services and business support for the bank’s two divisions Private Banking & Wealth Management and Investment Banking. The company was founded by Alfred Escher on July 5, 1856 and is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland.

“Credit Suisse Group History

Since its foundation in 1856, Credit Suisse has continuously set new standards in service and advice, grown our expertise, and created intelligent solutions in response to changing client needs.

Innovation in the Service of Clients

A bank that focuses on clients can’t afford to stand still.  Ongoing innovation is a must – for the bank itself and for its products and services.  This is a tradition that Credit Suisse has honored for over 150 years, and one the bank will continue to uphold in the future.


Clients as Innovation Drivers

If there is a constant in the history of Credit Suisse, it is a track record of continual innovation. In true pioneering style, Credit Suisse has shaped many of the countless innovations to hit the financial markets over the past one and a half centuries, and has quickly adapted others for its own use. For example, Credit Suisse (or Schweizerische Kreditanstalt / SKA as it was then known) was the first large Swiss bank to establish a direct telex connection with New York in 1951. It was to continue its pioneer role in the Swiss market by opening the first drive-in bank (1962), and launching both the first telephone banking service (1993), and the first internet banking platform (1997).

But the company’s history has been shaped by much more than just technological innovations. In the areas of product management, training and development, marketing, and social commitment, Credit Suisse can look back on a long tradition of leading the way for others to follow. As different as the innovations were, they ultimately served a similar aim. In nearly all cases, this was to meet the needs of clients in an even more rapid, professional, and comprehensive way. And it is already clear today that this driving force will also fuel many a future innovation at Credit Suisse.”

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**Video published on YouTube by “Credit Suisse