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     DENSO Corp. engages in the manufacture and sale of electronic parts for automobiles and communication equipment. Its products include air conditioning systems, engine-related components, body equipment, driving control, and safety products. It operates through the following segments: Japan, North America, Europe, Oceania, and Others. The Others segment includes the area of Brazil. All other segments cater to the orders of its respective region. The company was founded on December 16, 1949, and is headquartered in Kariya, Japan.

      DENSO Corporation is part of the Toyota Group, one of the largest conglomerates in the world.

    “Denso History

    1949      Establishment of Nippondenso Co., Ltd. having been separated from Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. with ¥15 million capital.

    1950      Publication start of DENSO JIHO (internal Japanese-language newsletter).

    1953      Technical cooperation with Robert Bosch GmbH of Germany.

    1954      Start of Assigned Service Station System.

    1955      Establish Injection Pump Preparation Section.

    1956      Adoption of Corporate Motto.

    Establishment of Refrigerator Preparation Section.

    1957      Establishment of AICHI DENSO CO., LTD. (consolidated in 1959) to start spark plug business.

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    1960      Adoption of Corporate Song.

    1961       Awarded Deming Prize; the most prestigious award for quality control.

    1964      Adoption of DENSO Policy based on the Trade Liberalization of Japan (in correspondence to liberalization of trade).

    1965      Operations start at Ikeda Plant and Hiroshima Plant.

    1966      Adoption of DENSO Policy based on the Capital Liberalization of Japan (in correspondence to liberalization of capital).

    Establish Chicago Sales Office and branch offices in Los Angeles and Detroit in the United States.

    1967      Operations start at Anjo Plant.

    1968      Establishment of IC Research Center.

    1970      Operations start at Nishio Plant.

    Adoption of DENSO Safety and Health and Environment Standard.

    Establish overseas branch office in Stuttgart, Germany.

    1971       Establishment of Nippondenso of Los Angeles, Inc. as the first overseas subsidiary.

    Adoption of DENSO Globalization Policy (in correspondence to liberalization of automotive capital).

    1972      Establishment of Nippondenso Thailand Co., Ltd., Nippondenso (Australia) Pty. Ltd., and Nippondenso Canada, Inc.

    1973      Establishment of Nippondenso (Europe) B.V. in The Netherlands.

    1974      Adoption of DENSO New Management Policy (in correspondence to new business environment after the oil crisis).

    Operations start at Takatana Plant.

    1977       Received the first gold medal during International Youth Skill Olympics.

    1978      Started consignment production of small motors to what is currently known as Asmo Co., Ltd.

    1979      Awarded the first Okochi Memorial Production Prize (Production Engineering Section).

    Adoption of DENSO Policy for the 1980s (aiming to become a corporation with sales amount of one trillion yen after 10 years).

    1980     Establish Nippondenso Compressores Ltda. in Brazil.

    Awarded the Minister of International Trade and Industry Prize for excellent energy control at the plant.

    1982      Operations start at Daian Plant.

    1984      Opening of Nukata Testing Center.

    Establishment of DENSO Taiyo Co., Ltd.

    Tie-up with Allen-Bradley Co., Inc. in regard to factory automation (FA) business.

    Establish Nippondenso Manufacturing U.S.A., Inc. in Michigan.

    1985      The first recognition of In-house Technical Skill Certification (In-house Trade Skill Tests) based on In-house Trade Skill Tests Recognition Regulations set by the Ministry of Labor.

    Establishment of Nippondenso America, Inc. near Detroit.

    Received the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME) Medal for New Technology for the first time.

    1986      Adoption of DENSO Policy for the 1990s (aiming to become global DENSO).

    Establishment of Technical Education Center.

    1987      Operations start at Toyohashi Plant.

    Establishment of DENSO Technical College.

    Operations start at Kota Plant.

    1989      Establishment of Nippondenso Manufacturing (Barcelona),. S.A. in Spain.

    1990      Operations start at Agui Plant.

    Establish NDM Manufacturing Ltd. in the United Kingdom as a joint venture with Magneti Marelli S.p.A. of Italy.

    1991       Opening of DENSO Research Laboratories.

    Establishment of Nippondenso International (Europe) B.V. in The Netherlands.

    Start of a joint venture with AT&T Co. of the United States in regard to integrated circuit (IC) cards.

    1993      Operations start at Kitakyushu Plant.

    1994      Adoption of DENSO’s Principles for Change (reform of corporate constitution in the post-bubble period).

    Yantai Shougang Nippondenso Co., Ltd. established in China.

    Adopted DENSO Philosophy and new Corporate Song.

    DENSO Micro Car was recognized as the world smallest model car in Guinness Book of Records.

    1995      Received the global environment award.

    Establishment of DENSO International Singapore Pte. Ltd.

    1996      Corporate name changed to DENSO Corporation.

    Acquisition of ISO 14001, the international standard of environmental management system, by Ikeda Plant.

    1997      Acquisition of QS 9000/ISO 9001 certification by all automobile-related divisions of DENSO.

    Adoption of “DENSO VISION 2005” as a long-term management goal.

    1998      All domestic plants have obtained ISO 14001 certification.

    Operations start at Zenmyo Plant.

    1999      Acquisition of Rotating Machines Division of Magneti Marelli S.p.A.

    2000    Adopt “DENSO ECOVISION 2005” as an environmental management goal.

    2001     Acquisition of Climate Control Equipment Division of Magneti Marelli S.p.A

    Estabishment of DENSO Abdul Latif Jameel Co., Ltd. in Saudi Arabia.

    Opening of Abashiri Proving Ground.

    2002     Achieved the goal of zero emissions at all 14 operations in Japan.

    2003     Establishment of DENSO (China) Investment Co., Limited in China.

    2004     Announcement of DENSO VISION 2015.

    2005     Establishment of DENSO Training Academy Thailand, DENSO`s first overseas regional training center.

    2006     Announcement of DENSO Group Corporate Behavior Declaration.

    2007     Foundation of DENSO International Asia(DIAT).

    2009     Establishment of DENSO SALES RUS L.L.C. in Russia

    2010     Establishment of DENSO THERMAL SYSTEMS MOROCCO S.A.R.L. in Morocco”

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