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    Energie Baden Wurttemberg AG history, profile and corporate video

     Energie Baden Wurttemberg AG operates as a holding company, which manages the corporate functions of human relations, finance and liquidity, corporate communications, and group development of the EnBW Group. The Group is engaged in the supply, trade, transport, and marketing of electric and gas energy and the provision of environmental services. The company was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany.

    “EnBW-Energie Baden History

    On 1 January 1997, EnBW was formed from the merger of two utilities companies from Baden-Württemberg, Badenwerk AG and Energieversorgung Schwaben AG (EVS). On 16 July 1999 two subsidiaries of the former EVS decided to retroactively merge into EnBW Ostwuerttemberg DonauRies AG (ODR). On 1 October 2003 the merger of EnBW with Neckarwerke Stuttgart AG took place.

    EnBW was the main sponsor of football-clubs VfB Stuttgart (2005–2010) and Karlsruher SC. Currently it is sponsor of both clubs on a lower level. EnBW is also name- and main sponsor of Volleyball-Bundesliga-club EnBW TV Rottenburg and Beko Basketball-Bundesliga-club EnBW Ludwigsburg and main sponsor of Toyota Handball Bundesliga-clubFrisch Auf Göppingen.”

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