Industrial Bank of Korea (IBK)

    Industrial Bank of Korea (IBK) history, profile and corporate video

       Industrial Bank of Korea (IBK) is an industrial bank headquartered in Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea. It was founded on August 1, 1961, as a Small and Medium-sizes Business Bank.

       In 1978, the English bank name was changed to ‘Small and Medium Industry Bank’.

       In 1986, Korean Corporate Development Finance was established.

       In 1991, IBK Computing Development was established.

       In 1992, IBK Factoring was established.

       In 1997, it was changing from a government-invested company to a government-affiliated company.

       In 1999, IBK Capital was established as a subsidiary through the merger of IBK Development Finance and IBK Installment Finance.

       In 2004, IBK SG for asset management was established.

       In 2009, it was established as a domestic corporation in China.

       In 2010, IBK pension insurance was established.

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       In 2013, IBK Savings Bank was launched.

       In 2014, it was Re-named as Public Institution, and the Beijing Branch was opened under IBK China Ltd.

       The company operates through the following businesses segments: Deposits, Trust, Loan, Exchange, and Credits.


       The Deposits segment involves money market, deferred, installment, and mixed deposits.


       The Trust segment offers annuities and estates trust.


       The Loan segment provides loans for equipment, business transactions, corporations, and strategic methods.


       The Exchange segment covers funds for letters of credits and foreign exchange services.


       The Credits segment involves credit services for both individuals and corporates.

       With over 13 000 employees and more than 45 branches in Indonesia and China, the Industrial Bank of Korea (IBK) is considered one of the World’s Best Banks and one of the top 2000 largest public companies in the world, according to Forbes.

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