Kubota Corp. history, profile and corporate video

 Kubota Corp. engages in the manufacture and sale of machinery and equipment. It operates through the following segments: Farm and Industrial Machinery; Water and Environment; and Others. The Farm and Industrial Machinery segment consists of farm equipment, engines, and construction machinery. The Water and Environment Systems segment includes pipe-related products such as ductile iron pipes, plastic pipes, valves, and pumps; environment-related products; and social infrastructure-related products such as industrial castings, spiral welded steel pipes, vending machines, electronic weighing systems, and air-conditioning equipment. The Others segment offers design, construction, and residential equipment manufacturing services. The company was founded by Gonshiro Kubota in February 1890 and is headquartered in Osaka, Japan.

“Kubota History

KUBOTA began its business by manufacturing and selling cast metal products. Since then, we have offered various products including iron pipes for water supply, engines for agro-industrial purposes, and machine tools, contributing to improving human lives and society. We are proud that we have been fulfilling our obligations as a manufacturer throughout our history of continuous technical innovations and product development, striving to contribute to building the modern state, postwar reconstruction, new nation building, and the creation of productive human environments. Our current business and product lines are all based on the basic philosophy, “Society keeps corporations going forward.” We will expand our business with our time-proven expertise and specialty for further development, while steadfastly maintaining our sincere efforts in manufacturing. We will endeavor to improve our technical capabilities acquired over the course of our history in a wider and deeper manner, extend our business frontiers, and make a greater contribution to society.”

*Information from Forbes.com and Kubota.co.jp

**Video published on YouTube by “TheKubotaChannel