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       Lonza Group AG is a global manufacturing company for the pharmaceutical, biotech and nutrition markets, headquartered in Basel, Switzerland. Its capabilities span across biologics, small molecules, bioconjugates, and cell and gene therapies.

       Lonza was founded in 1897 as Lonza AG Electricity Works in Gampel, Valais (Switzerland), on the banks of river Lonza. The electricity was used to manufacture calcium carbide and acetylene.

       In 1909, Lonza moved to Visp, manufacturing synthetic fertilizers out of nitrogen, ammonia and calcium carbide. It also began the production of nitric acid.

    In 1947, the company started the production of ketene and diketene.

       In 1969, Lonza expanded to the USA, starting its business with chemical specialties.

       In 1974, Lonza merged with Alusuisse.

       In 1980, Lonza started its biotechnological business.

       In 1992, Lonza acquired a biotechnological production facility in the Czech Republic.

       In 1996, Lonza acquired Celltech Biologics (UK and USA) and expanded into the business of mammalian cell cultures and monoclonal antibodies.

       In 1999, Lonza was de-merged from the Alusuisse-Lonza Group, being listed as an independent company on the Swiss Stock Exchange.

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       In 2006, Lonza acquired the Bioproducts manufacturing division of UCB (Braine-L’Alleud, BE), the Arabinogalactan business assets from Larex Inc., and the Bioproducts and Biopharma businesses from Cambrex. It also made an agreement with Genentech, one of the world’s largest biotechnology companies, to acquire the biopharmaceutical manufacturing operation in Porriño (ES).

       In 2007, Lonza acquired the Research Bioproducts business and the Microbial Biopharmaceutical business of the U.S. company Cambrex, and the assets of S.A.M. Electron Technologies based in Shawinigan (CA).

       In 2008, the company completed the acquisition of Amaxa.

       In 2009, Lonza and Teva announced the establishment of a joint venture, focusing on biosimilars. That year, Lonza also expanded its cell-biology platform by acquiring Simbiosys Biowares’ preclinical cell and molecular biology group.

       In 2010, Lonza acquired the viral vaccine and vector manufacturer Vivante GMP Solutions and the biotech service provider Algonomics. That year, Lonza also signed an agreement with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) to support the development of GSK’s biopharmaceuticals portfolio.

       In 2011, Lonza and the regenerative medicine company Mesoblast Limited entered into a strategic alliance for production of Mesoblast’s off-the-shelf (allogeneic) adult stem cell products. That year, Lonza acquired the global biocides company Arch Chemicals, Inc.

       In 2011, Lonza Group Lp was listed on the Main Board of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited.

       In 2014, Lonza and Bristol-Myers Squibb expanded a manufacturing agreement that involved the production of commercial quantities of a second Bristol-Myers Squibb biologic medicine at Lonza’s mammalian manufacturing facility in Portsmouth, NH (USA).  

       In 2015, Lonza acquired Zelam, a company based in New Zealand that develops and manufactures products for wood protection and crop protection.

       In 2016, Lonza acquired Triangle Research Lab, a hepatocyte provider, and InterHealth Nutraceuticals, one of the largest providers of nutritional ingredients for use in dietary supplements.

       In 2017, Lonza and Sanofi entered into a strategic partnership to establish a biologics production facility. That year, Lonza also acquired Capsugel.

       In 2019, Lonza divested the Water Care business to Platinum Equity. That year, the company also acquired the sterile fill and finished facility in Stein (CH) from Novartis.

       In 2020, Lonza entered into a collaboration agreement with Moderna Inc. to manufacture the drug substance for Moderna’s COVID-19 Vaccine, alongside other mRNA-based collaboration projects from Moderna’s innovation pipeline.

       In 2020, Lonza also announced an agreement to manufacture AstraZeneca‘s COVID-19 long-acting antibody combination.

       With more than 16,000 employees, Lonza Group AG is considered one of the world’s largest contract development and manufacturing companies. According to Forbes, it is considered one of the Largest Public Companies in the World.

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