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     Mitsui & Co., Ltd. is a general trading company. It operates through the following segments: Iron and Steel Products; Mineral and Metal Resources; Machinery and Infrastructure Projects; Chemical; Energy; Foods and Retail; Consumer Service and Information Technology (IT); Logistics and Financial Business; Americas; Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA); Asia Pacific; and Other. The Iron and Steel Products segment manufactures and processes steel and iron products such as slabs, billets, coated sheets, tin plates, tubular products, pipes, wire rods, and stainless steels. The Mineral and Metal Resources segment supplies non-ferrous metal products, rare metals, and minerals such as iron ore, ferroalloys, direct reduced iron, copper, aluminum, zinc, lead, and nickel. The Machinery and Infrastructure Projects segment involves in power generation, transportation, water treatment and supply, infrastructure construction, automobile and motorcyle sale, industrial machinery financing, and marine and aerospace vehicle leasing. The Chemical segment markets petrochemicals, chlor-alkali, methanol, agrochemicals, performance materials, and specialty chemicals. The Energy segment engages in energy development and exploration, oil and coal trading, petroleum and gasoline marketing, and liquefied natural gas trading and development. The Foods and Retail segment distributes grain crops, processed foods, containers and packaging materials, and agricultural and marine products. The Consumer Service and IT segment operates healthcare facilities, food and apparel establishments, real estate and housing agencies, and businesses engaging in electronics, IT, electronic commerce, and communication. The Logistics and Financial Business segment offers commodity derivative trading, venture investment, asset management, property leasing, insurance risk management, and logistics infrastructure development. The Americas, the EMEA, and the Asia Pacific segments conduct related businesses and engage in overseas sales and intermediary services of the company’s products. The Other segment provides financial and business operation services. The company was founded on July 1, 1876 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

    “Mitsui & Co History

    Over the course of Mitsui & Co.’s history, we have followed a mission of providing essential products and services around the world. In serving this mission, we have connected nations, people, businesses, technology and ideas to create new value.

    Mitsui’s history of “Challenge and Innovation” is a story of growth in partnership with society in an expanding and changing world economy.

    From 1947 to the 1970s

    1947 Daiichi Bussan Kaisha, Ltd. established
    1959 Daiichi Bussan Kaisha, Ltd. integrated with other trading companies(Mitsui & Co.’s great amalgamation) and changed its name to Mitsui & Co., Ltd.
    1965 Transfer of Business of Kinoshita Sansho & Co., Ltd.
    1966 Established Mitsui & Co. (U.S.A.), Inc.
    1971 Signed agreement for Abu Dhabi LNG project to develop Das offshore gas field.
    1974  Established Mitsui & Co. Europe PLC
    Daiichi Bussan defined itself as a Sogo-shosha (general trading company) and began to import goods to meet demand for clothing, food and housing. Starting by importing mineral phosphate and exporting shiitake mushrooms, Daiichi Bussan established a position for itself as a Sogo-shosha by expanding its trading activities to include timber, canned foodstuffs, marine produce, fats and oils, pharmaceuticals, glass and other products.
    Mitsui & Co. took a stake in the operating company for the United Arab Emirates’ Abu Dhabi LNG project to develop the Das offshore gas field. Companies from four countries participated in the project. All of the LNG produced by the project is being supplied to Japan. (This photograph was taken in the 1970s.)

    1980s and 1990s

    1985 Participated in the Western Australia LNG project.
    1994 Signed development contract for Sakhalin II project.
    1995 Concluded plant construction contract for Paiton project in Indonesia.
    The Molikpaq offshore platform of the Sakhalin II project.
    This major energy development project demonstrated the comprehensive power of Mitsui & Co.
    Paiton project thermal power stations in Indonesia.
    A project to set up an independent power producer (IPP) business in East Java, Indonesia for P.T. Paiton Energy, an Indonesian electric power company that is partially owned by Mitsui & Co.

    2000s and Beyond

    2003 Acquired a stake in Valepar S.A, the holding company of Vale S.A., a Brazilian diversified resource development company.
    2007 Expanded its grains business in Brazil.
    2010 Decided to participate in shale gas projects in the state of Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
    Decided to participate in a phosphorus ore development project in Peru.
    2011 Decided to participate in an investment in Asia’s largest private hospital group, IHH Healthcare.
    The Group has taken a stake in the shale gas project that Anadarko Petroleum Corporation is currently developing in Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
    In addition to initiatives to ensure a stable supply of energy, Mitsui has been utilizing its business engineering capabilities to expand its hydrocarbon chain.
    Phosphorus ore development project underway in Peru.
    Jointly with major fertilizer producer the Mosaic Company, Mitsui & Co. is participating in a phosphorus ore development project in Peru run by Compañia Minera Miski Mayo S.A.C., a subsidiary of Vale S.A. Mitsui & Co. is the first Japanese company to participate in such a project in Peru.”

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