Schlumberger Limited history, profile and corporate video

       Schlumberger Limited is a provider of digital solutions and technologies for the energy industry. Its principal executive offices are located in Paris (France), Houston (Texas, United State), London (England, United Kingdom), and The Hague (Netherlands).


    • Drilling Emissions Management – drilling emissions control;
    • Schlumberger End-to-end Emissions Solutions (SEES) – consulting, measuring, monitoring, reporting, and eliminating methane and flare emissions;
    • Asset Performance Solutions – production optimization;
    • Production Management;
    • Asset Consulting Services;
    • Carbon Services for CO2 Storage;
    • Integrated Well Construction;
    • ProActive – drilling asset management services;
    • Integrated Water Solutions;
    • NExT Oil & Gas Training – oil and gas training and competency development.


    • Cameron – provides flow equipment products, systems and services to worldwide oil, gas and process industries;
    • M-I SWACO – develops drilling fluid systems and additives for a wide range of drilling environments;
    • Smith Bits – drill bits;
    • WesternGeco – the seismic data and the digital capabilities;
    • Omni Seals – provides R&D services and standalone development of elastomeric compounds;
    • K&M Technology Group – a drilling engineering consulting group;
    • FIT – offers products and services to analyze trapped fluids in rock material with a focus on determining the origin and geological history of rocks and fluids;
    • Zilift – develops and markets permanent magnet technologies for innovative artificial lift applications.


       Schlumberger was born of an idea – that if an electric field could be generated below ground, voltage measurements at the surface could be mapped to reveal subsurface structure.

       In 1912, Conrad Schlumberger recorded the first map of equipotential curves using very basic equipment. The resulting mapping of equipotential curves confirmed the method’s ability to detect metal ores and also revealed features of the subsurface structure.

       In 1920, Conrad and Marcel Schlumberger opened their first office at 30 rue Fabert in Paris.

       1923, the Schlumberger brothers began conducting geophysical surveys in Romania, Serbia, Canada, the Union of South Africa, Belgian Congo, and the United States.

       Société de Prospection Électrique (English: Electric Prospecting Company), the precursor of Schlumberger, was formed in 1926 by the Conrad and Marcel Schlumberger brothers.

       In 1932, the Schlumberger brothers presented the first comprehensive description of the principles of well logging.

       In 1934, Schlumberger Well Surveying Corporation (now Schlumberger Well Services) was founded.

       In 1940, the company moved its headquarters to Houston.

       In 1952, it acquired 50% of Forex and Languedocienne drilling rig companies.

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       In 1956, Schlumberger Limited was formed as a holding company for all Schlumberger businesses. That year, the US testing and production company Johnston Testers was also acquired.

       In 1957, the company acquired Electro-Mechanical Research (EMR) that included three divisions: Princeton Division (ASCOP), Sarasota Products Division, and Systems Division.

       In 1960, Schlumberger and Dow Chemical formed Dowell Schlumberger (50% Schlumberger, 50% Dow Chemical), specializing in pumping services for the oil industry.

       In 1961, it acquired Solartron (UK) electrical instrumentation company.

       In 1962, Schlumberger Limited was listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Vector Cable operations and Daystrom measurement instruments were also acquired.

       In 1964, Neptune drilling company (50% Forex, 50% Languedocienne) was created.

       In 1970, the company introduced the SARABAND program, the first computerized reservoir analysis.

       In 1971, Schlumberger acquired the remaining 50% of Forex and created Forex Neptune Drilling Company. Flopetrol (testing production of oil wells) was also acquired.

       In 1977, the company acquired The Analysts, a directional drilling and mud logging services provider.

       In 1984, it acquired the SEDCO drilling rig company and 50% of Dowell of North America. That year, Anadrill was also founded by combining the drilling segment of Dowell and The Analysts.

       In 1985, SEDCO Forex Drilling Company was formed, and Merlin was acquired.

       In 1986, Schlumberger acquired 50% of GECO (seismic and geophysical services). Schlumberger Wireline & Testing was also created by merging Flopetrol with the Wireline product line.

       In 1988, the company acquired the remaining 50% of GECO.

       In 1991, it acquired the majority share (51%) of PRAKLA-SEISMOS and merged it with Geco to create Geco-Prakla.

       In 1992, it acquired GeoQuest Systems, Inc.

       In 1995, the company acquired AEG meter Intera Technologies Corp petroleum division, including its ECLIPSE reservoir study team and reservoir technologies. Omnes joint venture was also created between Schlumberger and Cable & Wireless.

       In 1996, it acquired Oilphase reservoir sampling and analysis company.

       In 1998, the company acquired Camco International, a US completion products company.

       In 1999, Schlumberger entered into a joint venture with Smith International, creating the world’s largest drilling fluids company, M-I L.L.C (60% Smith International, 40% Schlumberger).

       In 2000, Geco-Prakla was combined with Western Geophysical to create WesternGeco (70% Schlumberger, 30% Baker Hughes).

       In 2001, the company acquired Sema plc, a UK-based IT consultancy, Phoenix, a Scottish-based submersible pump technologies company, and Sensa fiber optic temperature sensing solutions based in Southampton, England.

       In 2002, the company acquired Inside Reality 3D virtual reality system and DBR Group of Canada, a provider of phase behavior and fluid property technology. It also acquired the Canadian-based A. Comeau and Associates Limited to enhance capabilities in artificially lifted wells.

       In 2003, it acquired Petrel Workflow Tools, a provider of collaborative software for the seismic sector, and the Norwegian-based VoxelVision, a high-end PC-based visualization and seismic technology company.

       In 2004, the company acquired Decision Team (oil and gas software and consulting services firm) and AOA Geomarine Operations (AGO), a pioneer in CSEM (controlled-source electromagnetic) and MMT (marine magnetotelluric) technologies. It also acquired SGK (Siberian Geophysical Company).

       In 2006, the company acquired Odegaard A/S, a Danish provider of surface seismic data inversion software, and integrates it into WesternGeco. It also acquired Terratek, a Salt Lake City-based provider of geomechanics measurements and analysis, and Reslink of Norway, an advanced completion solutions company.

       In 2007, it acquired Insensys fiber optic stress measurement systems for the subsea integrity surveillance market, V.I.P.S., a UK-based leading reservoir geomechanics software and consulting company, InnerLogix, a market leader in data quality management for E&P, and the Norwegian seismic group Eastern Echo.

       In 2008, the company acquired Staag Imaging, a provider of depth imaging technologies for seismic data processing, and Extreme Engineering Limited, a supplier of unmanned measurement-while-drilling (MWD) systems. It also acquired IES, Integrated Exploration Systems, a supplier of petroleum systems modeling software and services based in Aachen, Germany.

       In 2009, it acquired Techsia, a supplier of petrophysical software based in Montpellier, France.

       In 2010, Schlumberger completed the merger with Smith International. It also acquired Nexus Geosciences, a seismic support company, IGEOSS, a developer of structural geology software, GeothermEx, a global provider of geothermal consulting services, and Geoservices, a French oilfield services company specializing in mud logging, slickline, and production surveillance operations.

       In 2011, it acquired ThruBit, a Shell Technology Ventures Fund company providing openhole logging services and Framo Engineering, a Norwegian firm producing pumps, metering systems, swivels, and other marine systems for the oil and gas industry.

       In 2013, Schlumberger completed OneSubsea joint venture with Cameron to target subsea oil production and recovery.

       In 2014, the company acquired the remaining shares of SES Holdings Limited (“Saxon”), a provider of international land drilling services. It also acquired Rock Deformation Research, a UK-based company that specialized in geological software development and structural geology consultancy for the oil and gas industry.

       In 2015, Schlumberger and IBM introduced a new service to optimize integrated upstream production operations. It also acquired Novatek and announced the agreement to acquire Cameron International Corporation, a provider of wellhead and surface equipment and flow control and processing technology. That year, the company also acquired Fluid Inclusion Technologies, Inc. to expand its rock and fluids services portfolio and add geochemical logging capability.

       In 2016, Schlumberger completed the merger with Cameron International Corporation. That year, the company made the following acquisitions:-

    • Meta Downhole Limite, a UK-based engineering and service company that offers technology and expertise to provide downhole metal-to-metal isolation solutions in well integrity applications;
    • the coiled tubing drilling and coiled tubing units from Xtreme Drilling and Coil Services Corp., a provider of international land drilling and coiled tubing drilling services;
    • Omron Oilfield and Marine, Inc., a provider of automation technology and solutions;
    • Saltel Industries, an engineering, manufacturing, and service company offering expandable patches and steel packers technology.

       In 2017, Schlumberger formed OneStim joint venture with Weatherford to deliver completions products and services for the development of unconventional resource plays in the United States and Canada land markets. It also acquired Peak Well Systems, a specialist in the design and development of advanced downhole tools for flow control, well intervention, and well integrity.

       In 2018, Schlumberger announced its intent, along with Subsea 7, to form a joint venture, thereby providing the industry with one point of contact for subsea production system (SPS) and subsea umbilicals, risers, and flowline (SURF) services.

       In 2019, the company entered into a joint venture agreement with Rockwell Automation to create Sensia, the oil and gas industry’s first fully integrated automation solutions provider.

       With more than 90,000 employees, Schlumberger Limited is considered one of the Largest Public Companies in the World, according to Forbes.

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