Shiseido Co., Ltd. history, company profile (overivew) and history video

   Shiseido Company, Limited (株式会社資生堂) is a multinational cosmetic company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Shiseido’s business operations focus on cosmetics, such as skincare, makeup, and fragrance, as well as other areas, such as restaurants, beauty salons, and education/childcare.

   The name Shiseido derives from a Chinese expression meaning “praise the virtues of the earth which nurtures new life and brings forth significant values”.



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   Shiseido was established in 1872 by Arinobu Fukuhara as Japan’s first private Western-style pharmacy in Ginza, Tokyo.

   In 1897, it entered the cosmetics industry with Eudermine.

   In 1902, the store became the first in-store soda fountain in Japan, serving soda water and ice cream.

   In 1916, the company opened a cosmetics shop at 11 Takekawa-cho (now Ginza 7-chome).

   In 1922, it established three new business sectors, handling cosmetology, hairdressing, and children’s clothing.

   In 1923, Shiseido launched a network of chain stores for Shiseido cosmetics.

   In 1927, the joint-stock company Shiseido Co., Ltd. was formed.

   In 1949, Shiseido was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

   In 1953, the Shiseido Institute of Beauty Sciences was established.

   In 1956, a Shiseido Beauty Salon was opened in Shibuya, Tokyo.

   In 1962, Shiseido of Hawaii was established as the company’s first overseas investment.

   In 1963, Shiseido started sales in Italy, as its first exports to Europe.

   In 1965, Shiseido Cosmetics America Ltd. was established.

   In 1968, Establishes Shiseido Cosmetici (Italia) S.p.A. was established.

   In 1970, Shiseido Singapore Co., (Pte.) Ltd. was established.

   In 1971, Shiseido New Zealand Ltd. was established.

   In 1972, Shiseido Thailand Co., Ltd. was established.

   In 1973, the restaurant “L’Osier” was opened.

   In 1975, ”Shiseido—The Ginza” was opened.

   In 1980, Shiseido France S.A. and Shiseido Deutschland GmbH were established.

   In 1981, the company began selling cosmetics in Beijing, China.

   In 1982, Shiseido Australia Pty., Ltd. was established.

   In 1986, the company established IPSA Co., Ltd., Shiseido United Kingdom and Pierre Fabre JaponCo., Ltd. a joint venture with Laboratories Pierre Fabre SA.

   In 1987, SHISEIDO PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD. was established.

   In 1989, Davlyn Industries, Inc. in the U.S. was acquired.

   In 1990, Shiseido America Incorporated and Beaute Prestige International SA in France were established.

   In 1991, the company established Shiseido Liyuan Cosmetics Co., Ltd., a joint venture in Beijing.

   In 1992, Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido in Paris was opened. That year, Shiseido Amenity Goods Co., Ltd. was also established.

   In 1993, Shiseido Canada Inc. was established.

   In 1995, Shiseido International was established.

   In 1997, Shiseido Europe, Ltd. was established.

   In 1998, Lamour’s salon business was acquired.

   In 1999, Shiseido acquired Bristol-Myers Squibb‘s salon brands in Japan.

   In 2000, the company acquired the NARS brand in the U.S.

   In 2001, Shiseido Brasil Ltda. was established.

   In 2007, Shiseido (RUS), LLC. was established.

   In 2008, Shiseido Vietnam Inc. was established.

   In 2010, Shiseido Hellas S.A. (Greece), SHISEIDO S.A. (Switzerland) and Shiseido Cosmetics Vietnam Company Limited were established.

   In 2015, Shiseido Asia Pacific in Singapore was established.

   In 2016, the company made a license agreement with Dolce&Gabbana.

   In 2016, Gurwitch Products, LLC was also established.

   In 2017, the childcare joint venture KODOMOLOGY CO., LTD. was established.

   With more than 35,000 employees, Shiseido Company, Limited is considered one of the world’s largest cosmetic companies. According to Forbes, it is considered one of the Largest Public Companies in the World.

*Information from Forbes.com, Wikipedia.org, and corp.shiseido.com/en.

**Video published on YouTube by “資生堂 Shiseido Co., Ltd.·”