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    . AB Volvo designs, manufactures and markets commercial vehicles. It operates through following business areas: Volvo Group Trucks Operations, Volvo Construction Equipment, Volvo Buses, Volvo Penta and Volvo Group Finance and Business Support. The Volvo Group Trucks Operations business area covers operations in the geographic regions, including North and South America, Europe, Middle East and Africa and Asia and Pacific. The Volvo Construction Equipment business area includes manufacturing articulated haulers and wheel loaders and other general purpose equipment. The Volvo Buses business area includes manufacturing heavy buses. The Volvo Penta business area includes manufacturing and marketing marine and industrial engines. The Volvo Group Finance & Business Support business area consists of company’s various operations in the financial sphere, such as customer financing, as well as Information technology, treasury and human resources services. Its brands includes: Volvo, Renault Trucks, UD Trucks, Mack, Eicher, Volvo Penta, SDLG, Prevost and Nova Bus. Volvo was founded by Assar Thorvald Nathanael Gabrielsson and Erik Gustaf Larson in 1915 and is headquartered in Göteborg, Sweden.”

    “R&D milestones of the Volvo Group

    Mack patented the selective feature that allowed drivers to immediately shift from high to low, and vice versa, without going through intermediate speeds.

    Mack pioneered the use of power brakes on trucks by using a vacuum-booster system.

    Volvo is founded.

    Volvo safety engineer Nils Bohlin invents the modern three point seat belt.

    A new Volvo Truck cab is introduced; this steel structure is unrivalled in safety and comfort.

    The rear-facing child seat is introduced. The child seat was developed by Volvo in collaboration with Associate Professor Bertil Aldman of the National Swedish Council for Road Safety Research.

    Reel belt added to the front seats of Volvo cars.

    Another invention this year is a hydraulic attachment bracket for trucks, enabling the driver to change tools without leaving the cab.

    Seat belt reminder is invented.

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    Also in 1972, Volvo becomes the first car manufacturer in the world to present a real, rear-facing child seat that can be fitted easily in the front passenger seat.

    Bulb monitor is invented by Volvo. The bulb monitor is a lamp on the instrument panel that lights up when any of the car’s lamps that are important for safety are not working.

    Volvo becomes the first car manufacturer to introduce an effective system for exhaust gas cleansing, the three-way catalytic converter. The Lambda probe measures the oxygen content of the exhaust gases.

    Volvo’s researchers construct a special belt cushion for children who have outgrown the child seat and are up to 12 years old.

    The wide-angle rear mirror is introduced to avoid accidents caused by the blind spot.

    Volvo BM invents the Automatic Power Shift.

    Volvo releases the Side Impact Protection System (SIPS).

    Volvo Penta’s 42 series becomes the world’s first serial-produced turbo-diesel engine with charged air cooling and turbocharging.

    Volvo Trucks becomes the first manufacturer in the world to present a Front Under-run Protection System as an option for heavy trucks.

    Volvo Penta presents a patented concept cargo hull which reduces water resistance by 10%.

    Launch of the intelligent AMT gearbox which makes every driver shift like a pro, for improved fuel economy and superior ergonomics.

    Renault Trucks’ vehicle management system “Infomax” is awarded the Siemens Prize for Innovation.

    Volvo Penta becomes the first company in the marine engine industry to launch telematic services.

    Volvo Penta IPS (Inboard Performance System) is introduced, delivering around 35% better efficiency at cruising speed than inboard shafts.

    The Volvo Group is the first vehicle manufacturer to produce seven CO2-neutral demonstration trucks.

    In September, the company presents the world’s first CO2-neutral vehicle plant; Volvo Trucks’ plant in Ghent, Belgium.

    Volvo Group introduces a hybrid solution for buses, trucks and construction equipment that gives up to 30% lower fuel consumption.

    OptiShift for wheel loaders have sensors and automation that supports the driver, which gives faster and smother loading cycles and lower fuel consumption.

    I-See reduces fuel consumption for long-distance transport because it like an autopilot handles gear-changes, throttle and brakes on gradients very efficient.

    Volvo Dynamic Steering is an electronically controlled electric motor attached to the steering shaft that makes the truck driver’s job both safer and more comfortable. This is the technology behind the viral success “The Epic Split” with many millions of views on You Tube.

    Volvo Group launches the first transmission on the market with a dual clutch system for heavy vehicles. With dual clutches, gear changes take place without any interruption in power delivery.”

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