Wolters Kluwer NV history, profile and corporate video

 Wolters Kluwer NV is a Netherlands-based company engaged in creating content solutions. The Company’s operations are divided into four primary divisions: Legal & Regulatory, which provides customers with solutions, software, and services in the areas of law, business, and regulatory compliance; Tax & Accounting, which provides tax, accounting, and audit information, solutions and services; Health, which provides information, tools and solutions to healthcare professionals and organizations; and Financial & Compliance Services, which provides risk management and compliance solutions to compliance, finance and risk management professionals. The Company also offers Global Shared Services in the areas of technology, sourcing, procurement, legal finance and human resources, as well as operates a Global Platform Organization, which is responsible for the research and development.”

“Wolters Kluwer History

Wolters Kluwer’s deep understanding of customer needs and the market trends that influence them is rooted in our long and rich history of producing high-quality information and tools across regions and different professional markets.

Wolters Kluwer was founded in the Netherlands more than  175 years ago. Two founding fathers of 18th century Dutch publishing houses, Æbele Kluwer and Jan-Berend Wolters, launched their business to improve the quality of educational materials. As a result of their work, they educated new generations of professionals.

To this day, Wolters Kluwer continues this strong tradition, always focused on delivering value-adding, next-generation information and solutions to our customers, which has been the hallmark of our company since its very beginning.

Key milestones:

  • 1792: Lippincott opens office in Philadelphia
  • 1815: Carl Heymanns Verlag founded
  • 1836: Wolters founded
  • 1889: Kluwer starts business
  • 1895: Lamy enters publishing market with Bulletin des Transport
  • 1913: CCH publishes first Income Tax Reporter
  • 1985: Operations start in China
  • 1989: Launch of the legal information system LEX in Poland
  • 1991: Italian IPSOA joins Wolters Kluwer
  • 1996: Major step into the U.S. market with acquisition of CCH Inc.
  • 2003: Wolters Kluwer presents first ‘Three-Year Strategy’ to deliver sustained value to customers and shareholders
  • 2006: Wolters Kluwer Health office opens in New Delhi
  • 2009: Wolters Kluwer chosen as best place to work for in Spain
  • 2010: Wolters Kluwer Financial Services acquires FRSGlobal
  • 2011: Twinfield joins Wolters Kluwer
  • 2012: Approximately three quarters of the company’s revenue are coming from online, software, and services
  • 2013: Three-Year Strategy ‘Realizing Our Growth Potential’ kicks off “

*Information from Forbes.com and Wolterskluwer.com

**Video published on YouTube by “WoltersKluwerComms