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    X5 Retail Group NV history, profile and history video

     X5 Retail Group NV operates as a holding company that is engaged in the development and operation of retail stores. These include soft discounters, supermarkets, hypermarkets, and convenience stores. It operates under the Pyaterochka, Perekrestok, Karusel, Perekrestok Express, and Kopeyta brand names. The company was founded on August 13, 1975 and is headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

    “X5 Retail Group History

    X5 Retail Group N.V.’s history is the history of the dynamic development of two leading Russian retail chains – Pyaterochka and Perekrestok.


    • Perekrestok is founded by the Alfa Group consortium


    • Perekrestok operates a chain of 20 supermarkets
    • Perekrestok acquires its first wholesale distribution center


    • Pyaterochka chain is founded by Andrey Rogachev and Alexander Girda
    • Pyaterochka opens 16 stores in St. Petersburg


    • Pyaterochka enters Moscow market


    • Perekrestok opens its first hypermarket
    • Perekrestok starts its expansion in the regions
    • Pyaterochka launches franchise operations
    • Private label items are introduced to the assortment


    • Templeton Investments acquires 7.7 percent stake in Perekrestok
    • Perekrestok opens 75th store
    • Perekrestok acquires SPAR chain in Ukraine
    • Pyaterochka opens the largest distribution center in North-West of Russia


    • Perekrestok purchases “365” chain in Yaroslavl
    • Perekrestok opens a delicacies and salad production facility
    • Perekrestok opens 90th store
    • Pyaterochka opens 100th store (in both Moscow and St. Petersburg)


    • Pyaterochka completes Initial Public Offering on the London Stock Exchange
    • Pyaterochka acquires 18 Kopeika stores in St. Petersburg and 25 Kopeika stores in Moscow


    • Merger of Pyaterochka and Perekrestok
    • United company changes its name to X5 Retail Group N.V.


    • X5 places a bond issue raising 25 billion rubles
    • CEO of X5 Retail Group Lev Khasis is elected as a chairman of the board of ACORT (Association of retail companies)
    • X5 announces strategic development plan for 5 years
    • X5 acquires control of 40 Pyaterochka stores in Chelyabinsk
    • X5 opens the first company-owned Pyaterochka in the Nizhniy Novgorod region
    • X5 announces a 9 billion rubles bond placement
    • X5 wins Retail Grand Prix award
    • X5 leads Russian Top-200 rating
    • X5 senior management is named as the “Most Professional Management in Russia” in retail industry
    • X5 announces the launch of a new franchising program for convenience stores
    • X5 acquires Lipetsk-based Korzinka retail chain
    • X5 acquires Strana Gerkulesiya retail chain


    • X5 acquires Karusel chain
    • X5 leads “Best Retail Chain 2007” rating
    • X5 begins phased introduction of a SAP-based system
    • X5 acquires control over 28 Pyaterochka stores in Perm region
    • X5 launches a new supermarket concept under the “Green Perekrestok” brand and opens the first branded store in Rostov-on-Don
    • X5 begins roll-out of Pyaterochka stores in the South of Russia
    • X5 wins annual nationwide “IT Leader” award in retail nomination
    • Institutional Investor names X5 Retail Group CEO Lev Khasis as the best manager in the Russian consumer sector
    • S&P affirms X5’s BB- credit rating with Stable outlook
    • X5 and System Analysis Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences sign an agreement on scientific research and cooperation
    • MOODY’S affirms X5’s B1 credit rating
    • X5 wins the Retail Grand Prix Award
    • X5 executives are ranked among Russia’s most professional managers for the second consecutive year
    • X5 supports its customers by restraining inflation on the shelves
    • X5 wins the TOP 100 Russian retail rating
    • X5 reduces prices for 30% of product range in all Perekrestok stores
    • X5 is named “Company of the Year” in Retail sector
    • X5 wins Grand Prix Award for investor relations
    • X5 receives 7bn rubles loan from VTB
    • X5 becomes the first company in Russia to comply with international auditing standards
    • X5 opens the first store for the handicapped people
    • X5 reduces deferral of payments period for suppliers of domestic non-branded agricultural products
    • X5 signs a partnership agreement with А5 Pharmacy Chain
    • X5 acquires Pyaterochka franchisee chain in Rostov region


    • X5 and VTB agree on increasing Company’s credit facility to 9bn rubles
    • X5 completes rebranding of hypermarhets after acquisition
    • X5 opens Karusel hypermarkets in Moscow
    • X5 opens the first premium-class supermarket “Green Perekrestok” in Moscow
    • Pyaterochka announces the lowest prices on the market strategy
    • X5 unifies entertainment and electronic offerings under SMARTMEDIA brand
    • Perekrestok Club expands in the regions
    • Russia’s Prime-Minister visits Perekrestok store
    • X5 opens its first non-food distribution center
    • X5 wins the Retail Grand Prix Award
    • X5 and car retailer “Nezavisimost” sign a cooperation agreement
    • X5 creates a platform for development of e-commerce
    • X5 and Citibank sign an agreement to issue co-branded cards
    • X5 acquires Paterson supermarket chain
    • X5 and Sberbank reach the agreement on a committed credit line
    • X5 becomes the company of the year in retail sector
    • X5 fully redeems Paterson bonds
    • X5 gains the right to join Institute of Quality Assurance (IQA)


    • X5 acquires Kopeyka discounter chain
    • X5 launches a new quality control program
    • Perekrestok and Alfa-Insurance launch a new property insurance product
    • Х5 and Romir open a unique laboratory for food products testing
    • Х5 introduces a new Cash-and-Carry store format – Pyaterochka Maxi
    • Perekrestok Club, S7 Airlines and Transaero Airlines sign a partnership agreement
    • CEO of X5 Retail Group Lev Khasis wins the award “Retail person 2010”
    • X5 launches “Green Perekrestok” application for iPhone
    • X5 acquires Ostrov retail chain
    • X5 and Sberbank sign a credit agreement
    • X5 is named as the best employer of the year
    • Perekrestok reduces prices for 25% of assortment
    • X5 completes rebranding of Paterson
    • X5 launches the program “Open your own Pyaterochka”
    • X5 establishes mobile virtual network operator “Allo”
    • X5 gains operational control of Perekrestok Express convenience stores with additional 20% equity interest
    • X5 launches a new loyalty program “Magic card” for Karusel customers
    • X5 becomes a prize winner of Best Retail Top Awards
    • CEO of X5 Retail Group Lev Khasis is named as a “Person of the Year”
    • S&P upgrades Х5’s rating to stable
    • X5 successfully completes pilot launch of SAP for Retail in Nizhniy Novgorod and begins roll-out to other regions
    • X5 opens 1000th Pyaterochka store


    • Lev Khasis steps down as CEO after five successful years with X5 to pursue personal projects, Andrei Gusev is nominated as new CEO
    • X5 launches loyalty program “Special relations” in Green Perekrestok stores
    • X5 enters Kareliya, Bryansk, Ivanovo and Smolensk regions
    • X5, RUSNANO and Sitronics launch “Shop of the future” project
    • X5 acquires 8.45% stake in A5 pharmacy chain
    • X5 Retail Group sells “IT Business LLC”
    • X5 converts its remaining 400 mln USD-denominated debt to Rubles


    • Pyaterochka enters Kirov region
    • X5 launches E5.RU online store
    • X5 suspends Karusel loyalty programme “Magic Card”
    • Perekrestok starts to support animal shelters
    • Perekrestok enters Perm region
    • X5 rebrands Pyaterochka-Maxi stores to Karusel
    • E5.RU joins Perekrestok Club loyalty programme”

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