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     AEGON NV provides life insurance, pensions, and long-term savings and investment products. Its products are sold through the group’s diversified distribution networks, which includes direct marketing, agents, banks, brokers, independent financial advisors, and other partners. The company’s lines of business include: Life, Individual Savings and Retirement Products, Pensions, Distribution, Non-Life and Asset Management. The company operates its business through five reportable segments: AEGON Americas, AEGON The Netherlands, AEGON UK, New Markets, and Holding and other activities. The Americas segment covers business units in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil. The Netherlands segment covers businesses operating in the Netherlands. The United Kingdom segment covers businesses operating in the United Kingdom. The New Markets segment covers business operations in Central and Eastern Europe, Asia, Spain, and France. The Holding and other activities segment includes financing, employee, and other administrative expenses of holding companies. AEGON was founded in 1983 and is headquartered in The Hague, Netherlands.

    “Aegon History

     Aegon’s roots stretch back more than 160 years. At that time, Aegon provided modest funds in the Netherlands for people to arrange burials for their family members and other loved ones.

     The oldest of these was Algemeene Friesche, created by two civil servants in the northern Dutch province of Friesland in 1844.

     Two others followed in the next decades: De Groot-Noordhollandsche in 1845 and Eerste Nederlandsche in 1882.

     Another predecessor, Olveh, was initially formed as a self-help organization for civil servants and white-collar workers.

     Meanwhile, Nillmij was putting down roots in the Dutch East Indies. Formed in 1859, Nillmij served civil servants and military personnel in the Dutch colony.

     But these were simply the largest of the dozens of funeral funds, widows’ funds, life insurers, health insurers and other companies and associations that eventually formed the Aegon we know today.”

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