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     Air Liquide SA supplies gases, technologies and services for the industry and health businesses. The company operates its business through three segments: Gas & Services, Engineering & Construction and Other Activities. The Gas & Services segment engages in the supply of gases, which is organized by geographical area such as Europe, Americas, Asia-Pacific and the Middle-East and Africa. It operates in four markets: large industries, industrial Merchant, Healthcare and electronics. The Large Industries market supplies industrial gases by operating major production units to serve customers in the steel, chemicals and refining industries with high gas consumption, requiring delivery through a pipeline. The Industrial Merchant market supplies a wide range of different gases, application equipment and services to industries of all sizes requiring variable quantities, distributed in bulk or in cylinders. The Healthcare market supplies medical gases, hygiene products, medical devices and services to hospitals and patients in their homes. It also produces and distributes healthcare specialty ingredients for the personal care, pharmaceutical and vaccine markets. The Electronics market supplies gas and services for the production of semi-conductors, flat panels and photovoltaic panels. The Engineering & Construction segment designs, develops and builds industrial gas production plants for the Group and third parties. It also designs and manufactures plants in the traditional, renewable and alternative energy sectors. The Other Activities segment primarily operates its business through two businesses: Welding and Diving. The Welding business develops welding and cutting technologies, which covers a wide market range such as naval shipyards, automotive, transport equipment, infrastructures, boilers, distributors, machinery and equipment and energy. The Diving business markets deep-sea diving and swimming equipment to professionals and private individuals. Air Liquide was founded by Georges Claude and Paul Delorme on November 8, 1902 and is headquartered in Paris, France.

    “Air Liquide history

    Founded in 1902, Air Liquide began as an idea for producing oxygen industrially using liquid air and came into existence after an encounter between two men: Georges Claude, the visionary, and Paul Delorme, the pragmatic creator.

    The turn of the nineteenth century was a major milestone in the race to modernity, with new technological advances appearing on an almost daily basis.

    Georges Claude’s contribution to his century included a project to liquefy air in order to separate its different components (oxygen, nitrogen and argon). After two years of tireless perseverance and technical setbacks, he finally managed on May 25, 1902 to develop a new air liquefaction process.

    The company’s launch was sealed by his partnership with Paul Delorme. On November 8, 1902, a public limited company was incorporated with capital of 100,000 French francs subscribed by 24 shareholders. It was thus that Air Liquide, a company for the Study and Exploitation of Georges Claude’s Processes, was born.”

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