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       Compagnie de l’Odet SE (formerly Financière de l’Odet SE) is a holding company headquartered in Puteaux, France. It is listed on the Euronext exchange in Paris, and the Bolloré family retains majority control of the company.

       The company’s origins date back to 1822 when Nicolas Le Marié founded the paper manufacturer Papeteries d’Odet.

       Beginning in 1863, the company was directed by Jean-René Bolloré, a nephew by marriage. Since then, the company remained controlled by the Bolloré family.

       Compagnie de l’Odet is the majority owner of the French conglomerate Bolloré SE.

       Bolloré operates through the following main divisions:

    • Transport and Logistics – Bolloré Logistics;
      • Energy Distribution – Bolloré Energy;
    • Media & Advertising – has interests in Universal Music Group and Vivendi SE (Canal+, Havas, Editis, Gameloft, Prisma, etc.);
    • Electricity Storage and Systems (Smart Mobility, Telecommunication, Automatic Systems, etc.) – Bluecar, Bluebus, Bluestorage, Blue solutions, and plastic films.

       Alongside its various businesses, the Group also manages a set of financial assets comprising plantations, real estate assets and a portfolio of financial holdings.

       According to Forbes, Compagnie de l’Odet SE is considered one of the Largest Public Companies in the World.

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