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     “Aston Martin History

     COMPANY HISTORY 1913 – 1920

    An icon is born

    A rich and prestigious heritage defines aston martin as something truly unique within automotive history.

    Founded in 1913 by robert bamford and lionel martin as ‘bamford & martin ltd’, the company has developed into an iconic brand synonymous with luxury and elegance. 1914 saw the birth of the name ‘aston martin’ following one of lionel martin’s successful runs at the aston hill climb in buckinghamshire, england. Within a year the first aston martin had been built and registered with the name and by 1920 the business had relocated to kensington.

    COMPANY HISTORY 1922 – 1928

    Racing debut

    Competing in the 1922 french grand prix saw aston martin take its first historic steps in overseas competition with two cars completing the race.

    Financial problems plagued the company over the next decade with the business forced to close in 1925 only to be rescued by a group of investors in 1926, forming ‘aston martin motors ltd’.

    The business was soon on a sound footing, with a competitive range of sports cars and an increasing reputation for engineering and design. This progress lead to the first entry of an aston martin in the le mans 24-hr race in 1928.

    COMPANY HISTORY 1930 – 1939

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    Production increases

    Aston martin won great acclaim at le mans, when the 1.5l model took a clean sweep of the podium places within its class at the 1933 race.

    Road car production numbers continued to increase throughout the 1930s with 140 cars being built in 1937, the highest pre-war figure.

    1939 saw the production of the aston martin atom, an avant-garde prototype developed using an early form of space-frame chassis and independent suspension – a further development of aston martin’s engineering excellence.”

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