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     In 1919, an engineering genius obsessed by speed, w.o. focused on his dream, creating a car bearing his name. That october the first bentley engine came to life.

    During the 1920’s Bentley went from strength to strength. Racing triumphs proved reliability, speed and incredible performance. Sales soared.

    These were the years of the Bentley Boys. Extraordinary adventures followed by extravagant victorious celebrations.

    Five glorious Le Mans victories and a successful return in 2003 secured the sixth historical win.

    2009 marks 90 years of W.O. Bentley’s legacy. True to the unique heritage, contemporary Bentleys are capable of extraordinary speeds, exquisitely handcrafted and beautifully engineered.

    It is this distinguished heritage that is the essence of Bentley. Passion and dedication. Then and now.

    It is not without looking back into its remarkable history that Bentley can move forward. Embracing modern technology, while ensuring W.O. Bentley’s ambitions are not lost. Traditional craftsmanship, ultimate luxury and ambitious environmental policies.

    The story is only just beginning.”

    BENTLEY History

    The history of bentley reads like a thriller. From the moment w.o. bentley’s 3-litre engine burst into rumbustious life in 1919 to the roars that greeted the le mans triumphs of 2003.

    The ride of fate and fortune of the legendary marque has been a roller-coaster of daring visions, extraordinary characters, narrow escapes, near peril, breathtaking comebacks and glittering achievements.

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    It’s a story as passionate as the dedication that’s required to build a car as elegant as the Arnage or a coupe as stunning at theContinental GT. It’s a story as exhilarating as the performance of every vehicle graced with the winged B.”

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