Bugatti profile and history video

     “Every Bugatti that has been sold is a piece of automotive history! According to the key brand values “Art, Form, Technique” it is unique in its artfully characteristic appearance, its shape and its superior technology – and most importantly: the current model range consisting of Veyron, Grand Sport and Super Sport clearly carries on this traditional heritage by Ettore Bugatti. 

    At Bugatti, Certified Heritage Cars is about young classics, which in addition to the typical Bugatti DNA have opened a new chapter of young automotive history through their previous ownership by exceptional personalities and car aficionados. Besides the strict limitation of all vehicles, Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. guarantees the impeccable condition of all vehicles offered in the Certified Heritage Cars program, including the assurance of the highest Bugatti quality standards and the exclusive use of original parts.

    Our special, in-house trained technicians inspect all vehicles through their paces to guarantee their perfect technical condition. After a full check of the vehicle and possible repairs, each Certified Heritage Car with a complete service history receives a one- or two-year warranty upon request by the purchaser.

    To meet the high individuality of our customers’ needs, we also offer the opportunity to retrofit existing vehicles, both visually and technically. Together with our global Bugatti Partners we will be glad to make you an offer, that has been coordinated with our design and engineering team that clearly meets your high standards.”

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