Greenland Holdings Corp., Ltd. (Greenland Group)

    Greenland Holdings Corp., Ltd. (Greenland Group) profile and corporate video

       Greenland Holdings Corp., Ltd. (Greenland Group) is a Chinese real estate developer headquartered in Shanghai, China. It was founded as a state-owned enterprise in 1992 to develop green belts around Shanghai, but starting from 2013, it began to make major investments in developments outside of China.

       The company operates through the following main business segments: Real Estate, Commercial & Hotel Operation, Finance Industry, Metro Investment Industry, Energy Industry, and Construction Industry.

    Real Estate

       The Real Estate segment represents its core leading industry, forming a multifunctional product series integrated with ultra-high rise building, urban complex, and industrial real estate.

    Commercial & Hotel Operation

       The Commercial & Hotel Operation segment involves overseas direct purchasing centers in the US, Australia, UK and South Korea and direct purchasing channels of commodity supply. It also implies the physical boutique supermarkets, hotels in 70 cities from China, and the G-Club global member platform, which is an O2O platform with comprehensive resources for members, such as integrated wireless applications, business tourism services, real property, automobiles, energy, consumption, finance and football clubs.

    Finance Industry

       The Finance Industry segment includes financial asset management, trust, investment banks, operation of small loan companies.

    Metro Investment Industry

       In addition to the investment and construction of railway projects, it engages in comprehensive urban development of the regions along the subways.

    Energy Industry

       The Energy Industry segment includes coal production, processing, storage, transport and distribution, and crude oil storage, transport, trading, retail, etc.

    Construction Industry

       The Construction Industry segment covers 7 country-level qualifications including the national housing construction project general construction contractor and the municipal public works general construction contractor.

       With more than 52 000 employees and projects in over 30 countries, Greenland Holdings Corp., Ltd. is listed as a Fortune Global 500 company. According to Forbes, it is considered one of the top 2000 largest public companies in the world.

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