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    iA Financial Corporation Inc. history, profile and corporate video

       iA Financial Corporation Inc. is the holding company of iA Financial Group, an insurance and wealth management group headquartered in Quebec, Canada.


       iA Financial Group’s history began with two pioneering Canadian insurance companies: Alliance Nationale, a mutual aid society founded in Montreal in 1982, and the Industrial Life Insurance Company, founded in Quebec City in 1905.

       In 1987, Alliance Nationale and the Industrial Life Insurance Company merged to form the Industrial-Alliance Life Insurance Company, which would be better known simply as Industrial Alliance.

       In 1988, the National Life Assurance Company of Canada was acquired.

       In 1992, iA Financial Group adopted the elephant as a symbol to represent the company.

       In 2000, iA Financial Group was listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

       In 2019, iA Financial Corporation Inc. was established as the holding company of iA Financial Group.


    • Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc. (founded in 1892) – life and health insurance corporation and financial services provider;
    • Industrial Alliance Pacific General Insurance Corporation (founded in 1981, acquired in 2001) – general insurance corporation;
    • Industrial Alliance Auto and Home Insurance Inc. (founded in 1973) – general insurance corporation;
    • Industrial Alliance Trust Inc. (founded in 1999) – trust corporation and deposit taking corporation;
    • PPI Management Inc. (founded in 1978, acquired in 2018) – insurance brokerage agency;
    • Michel Rhéaume et associés ltée (MRA) (founded in 2003, acquired in 2008) – insurance brokerage agency;
    • iA Advantages Damage Insurance Inc. (founded in 1956) – general insurance agency;
    • Ltd. (founded in 2010, acquired in 2021) – damage insurance broker;
    • Prysm general insurance Inc. (founded in 2015) – general insurance and claim adjustment;
    • iA Auto Finance Inc. (founded in 2010, acquired in 2015) – deposit taking corporation;
    • iA Clarington Investments Inc. (founded in 1999, acquired in 2005) – investment fund and portfolio manager corporation;
    • Industrial Alliance Investment Management Inc. (founded in 1999, acquired in 2004) – investment fund manager and advisor corporation;
    • iA Private Wealth Inc. (founded in 1970, acquired in 2002) – securities dealer corporation;
    • Investia Financial Services Inc. (founded in 1988) – mutual fund brokerage agency;
    • IA American Life Insurance Company (founded in 1980, acquired in 2008) – accident, life and health insurance company;
    • American-Amicable Life Insurance Company of Texas (founded in 1910, acquired in 2010) – life insurance corporation;
    • iA American Warranty Corp. (founded in 1985, acquired in 2018) – service contract, guaranteed asset protection, and financial and insurance products administrator;
    • Dealers Assurance Company (founded in 1935, acquired in 2018) – property and casualty insurance company;
    • iA American Warranty, L.P. (founded in 1984, acquired in 2020) – property and casualty insurance company;
    • WGI Service Plan Division Inc. (founded in 1985, acquired in 2020) – ancillary warranties provider;
    • WGI Manufacturing Inc. (founded in 1983, acquired in 2020) – chemical manufacturer for the automotive industry;
    • Lubrico Warranty Inc. (founded in 1977, acquired in 2020) – automotive warranty provider;
    • National Warranties MRWV Limited (founded in 1990, acquired in 2010) – automotive warranty provider;
    • SAL Marketing Inc. (founded in 1995) – provides aftermarket insurance and protection programs.

       With over 8,000 employees and more than 50,000 representatives, iA Financial Group is considered one of the largest insurance and wealth management groups in Canada. According to Forbes, it is considered one of the Largest Public Companies in the World.

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