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    Jinke Property Group Co., Ltd. history, profile and corporate video

       Jinke Property Group Co., Ltd. is a Chinese conglomerate (a multi-industry company) headquartered in Chongqing, China. Jinke was established in 1998.

       In 1999, Jinke Garden was rolled out as Jinke’s first project.

       In 2000, Jinke Industry Group and Jinke Smart Services were established.

       In 2011, JInke got listed on the A-share market at Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

       In 2014, Jinke Industry Investment Development (Group) Co., Ltd. and Jinke New Energy Co., Ltd. were formally established.

       In 2018, Jinke Cultural Tourism Group and Jinke Construction Group were established.

       In 2020, Jinke Business Management Co., Ltd. was established.

       Jinke Property Group operates through the followings business segments: Real Estate, Smart Service, Technology Industry, Commerce, Cultural Tourism and Health Care, and Diversified Sectors.

    Real Estate

       The Real Estate segment involves the following product series brands: Jimei Series (Safe Home for Growth), Nature Emerald Series (Healthcare Home) and Jinke – China Image Series (Future Smart Home).

    Smart Service

       Jinke Smart Service is a provider of smart living technology solutions for a wide range of property types, including residential properties, commercial and office buildings, industrial parks, and other properties, such as educational institutions and hospitals.

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    Technology Industry

       Jinke Industry Investment Development Group Co., Ltd. and Jinke Zhixin Group Co., Ltd. operate in industrial development, operation and investment. The two companies were engaged in industries including intelligent manufacturing, digital technology, health science and technology, intellectual construction, headquarters economy, cultural tourism& health care, etc. to build an integrated industrial operating and service system.

    Commerce, Cultural Tourism and Health Care

       Shanghai Jinke Cultural Tourism Development Group and Jinke Business Management Company operate in the Commerce, Cultural Tourism and Health Care segment. Shanghai Jinke Cultural Tourism Development Group develops various sectors like cultural tourism, industrial parks, health care communities and emerging business. Jinke Business Management Company provides services in the aspects of pre-planning, asset management, investment promotion and operation.

    Diversified Sectors
    • Jinke Construction Group – housing construction, municipal construction, ecological garden, decoration, door, and window production.
    • Jinke Hotel Management Group – hotel construction management and hotel operation management.
    • Jinke New Energy Co., Ltd., – focuses on the wind power business.
    • Jinke (Chongqing) Industrial Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. (Jinke Capital) – real estate funds, asset management, industrial investment, wealth management.

       With more than 25,000 employees, Jinke Property Group Co., Ltd is considered one of the top property developers in China. According to Forbes, it is considered one of the Top 2000 Largest Public Companies in the World.

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