MAN history and history video

 “The MAN Group is one of Europe’s leading commercial vehicle, engine and mechanical engineering companies, generating annual revenue of around 15.8 billion euros and employing a workforce of approx. 54,300 worldwide. MAN is a supplier of trucks, buses, diesel engines, turbomachinery and turnkey power plants, with all corporate divisions holding leading market positions.

The strategy pursued by the MAN Group aims to create sustainable enhanced value in its fast-growing business areas of Commercial Vehicles and Power Engineering. The Industrial Governance management system, with its clear distribution of roles, centralizes strategic management activities and strengthens the operational responsibilities of the three subgroups, MAN Truck & Bus, MAN Diesel & Turbo and MAN Latin America. Each area must measure up to the best competition in its field.

The MAN Group’s guiding principles create a framework for responsible conduct on the part of all MAN employees which is mandatory to uphold the principles of sustainability. Our corporate values reliable, innovative, dynamic and open play a key role in MAN’s success on product markets and the capital market, as well as in attracting qualified employees, and in social acceptance of all our business activities.

MAN can look back on a corporate history of more than 250 years.”

*Information from Corporate.man.eu

**Video published on YouTube by “mantrucksandbuses