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     “Mercedes-AMG History

     The story of AMG actually reads like a Hollywood script. Two men start a small company, driven by the dream of making Mercedes-Benz cars sportier – and writing motorsport history themselves. Today, 45 years later, all top-of-the-line Mercedes- Benz sports cars carry the logo of this brave brand. But that‘s not all. The 2012 Formula 1 “silver arrow” also displays the AMG initials with pride.

    The excitement surrounding Mercedes-AMG is tangible everywhere in Affalterbach and represents both the origin and the future of the brand at once. Because Mercedes-AMG wouldn‘t exist had it not been for Hans-Werner Aufrecht‘s drive to prove himself on the racetrack and for Erhard Melcher‘s ingenuity in creating the extraordinary technology to make it all possible. It is precisely these genes that shape our future as well, revealing themselves in our resolute will to perform and our unique ability to innovate. It‘s an ideal we call Driving Performance. The phrase, so true to our nature, consequently became our brand slogan.

    The Mercedes-AMG engine always has its own momentum, which is backed by the power to realize ideas quickly. Driving Performance is therefore not just about having the will, but also acting on it.

    The current era of the brand with its high-performance models represents the perfect synthesis between the know-how of a technology group as the Mercedes-Benz Group AG (formerly Daimler AG), with its impressive quality and safety standards, and the individuality and self consciousness of an exclusive brand as AMG.”

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