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Metcash Ltd. is a wholesale distribution company, which specialized in grocery, liquor, hardware and other fast moving consumer goods. The company operates through the following segments: Food and Grocery, Liquor activities, and Hardware and Automotive. The Food and Grocery segment comprise the distribution of dry grocery, perishable and general merchandise supplies to retail outlets. The Liquor activities segment comprise the distribution of liquor products to retail outlets and hotels. The Hardware and Automotive segment comprises the distribution of hardware supplies and automotive parts and accessories to retail outlets. Metcash was founded by Joe David in 1927 and is headquartered in Sydney, Australia.

“Metcash History

For a large part of its history, Metcash carried the name of the founder of its predecessor business, Davids.

Founder Joe David, was the second son of Lebanese migrants; a visionary and entrepreneurial thinker. In May 1927, at the age of 24, he opened his first ‘food’ store at Woolloomooloo, NSW; closely followed by six others. As the businesses prospered, Davids continued to expand and in 1935 opened a wholesale warehouse in Surry Hills, NSW.For a large part of its history, Metcash carried the name of the founder of its predecessor business, Davids.

The Davids business identified a niche market with great opportunity; supporting and wholesaling to independent retailers. The company formed the first professionally organised voluntary retail group in NSW and also established the industry’s first Retail Services Program for independent retailers. In 1980 the company acquired AG Campbells wholesale business.

Metcash is a pioneer in distribution; warehousing expertise and a leader in supply chain and operational logistics.

To improve efficiency and drive value in the business, Davids pioneered technological improvements in their wholesale and retail operations, introducing a number of innovations to Australia: electronic data interface for retailer ordering; case labels; retail shelf labels; scanners and other systems followed over the years. Today Metcash continues the traditions established by its founder; and is acknowledged as a pioneer in distribution; warehousing expertise and; a leader in supply chain and operational logistics.

In 1988, the global retail banner IGA (Independent Grocers Alliance)was introduced to Australia. IGA has remained a flagship retail banner for independent retailers and is one of the company’s most recognised brands.

On 4 September 2000, Metcash Trading Limited (Metcash) became the official company name replacing Davids Limited.   The name acknowledges the pivotal role South African owned Metro Cash & Carry (a majority shareholder from 2000-2004) in the strategic direction of the company.

In November 2005, Metcash made the significant acquisition of Foodland Associated Limited (FAL); all former FAL stores (Action, Dewson and Supa Valu stores), that met IGA specifications were rebranded under IGA.

In March 2010, Metcash acquired 50.1% of Mitre 10, the iconic hardware business with over 400 independently owned Mitre 10 stores and over 400 non-branded independent customers. Mitre 10 joined the Metcash group with a fifty year history of supporting independent home improvement and hardware retailers, who are an integral part of local communities around Australia. The focus for Mitre 10 is to generate supply chain improvements and build a strong merchandise and marketing model.

On 1 July 2010, Metcash announced it would acquire Interfrank Group Holdings Pty Ltd, the owner of the Franklins chain of 85 supermarkets, comprising 77 corporate stores and supply to 8 franchised stores. The transaction was completed in November 2011 with all viable Franklins stores converted to the IGA banner.

In 2012 Metcash entered into an agreement to acquire a 75.1% stake in Automotive Brands Group (ABG) for $53.8m on 2 July 2012. ABG is Australia’s largest distributor and franchise operator in the automotive parts and aftermarket sector.”

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