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    NetDragon Websoft, Inc. history, company profile (overview) and corporate video

       NetDragon Websoft, Inc. is a developer of online games and mobile internet applications headquartered in Fuzhou, China. It also operates in the online education business.


       NetDragon was established as NetDragon (Fujian) in 1999.

       In 2001, NetDragon established China’s first online gaming portal,

       In 2002, the first MMORPG online game, Monster & Me, was launched.

       In 2003, the company launched Conquer Online, one of the most successful Chinese online games in oversea markets.

       In 2004, the company expanded to the non-Chinese market with the launch of the English version of Conquer Online.

       In 2007, NetDragon was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

       In 2008, the company launched Heroes of Might and Magic Online.

       In 2008, NetDragon entered into an agreement with Disney to develop “Disney Fantasy Online”, and with EA to develop the online Game-Dungeon Keeper Online.

       In 2009, the company entered into an agreement with EA to develop new online game-new Ultima Online

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       In 2012, NetDragon and DeNA established a joint venture to develop and operate mobile social games for the Chinese market.

       In 2013, NetDragon sold 91 Wireless to Baidu. 91 Wireless is one of China’s most influential smartphone app store platforms.

       In 2014, the company entered into an agreement with Foxteq and Vision Knight Capital to establish a joint venture in the online education business.

       In 2017, NetDragon acquired American educational software publisher JumpStart Games.

       In 2018, Edmodo was acquired.

       With more than 6,000 employees, NetDragon Websoft is considered one of the most reputable and well-known online game developers in China. According to Forbes, it is considered one of the Largest Public Companies in the World.

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