NetEase, Inc. history, profile and corporate video

       NetEase, Inc. is a Chinese internet technology company with main domestic offices concentrated in Beijing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, and Shanghai. It was founded in June 1997 by Chinese entrepreneur Ding Lei.

       The company provides online services centered around innovative and diverse content, community, communication, and commerce. It develops and operates some of China’s most popular mobile and PC-client games. In addition to its self-developed game content, NetEase partners with other leading game developers, such as Blizzard Entertainment and Mojang AB (a Microsoft subsidiary), to operate globally renowned games in China.

       NetEase’s other innovative service offerings include the intelligent learning services of its majority-controlled subsidiary, Youdao; music streaming (NetEase Music) through its leading NetEase Cloud Music business; advertising services; email services; and its private-label e-commerce platform, Yanxuan.

       With more than 28 000 employees and with branches in Japan, South Korea, Singapore, the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, NetEase, Inc. is considered one of China’s leading Internet companies, one of the world’s leading online game development and distribution company, and one of China’s largest e-mail service provider.

       It also owns one of China’s leading self-operated quality e-commerce brands, one of China’s leading online music platforms, and an Education platform, an information media platform, covering more than 1 billion users in China. According to Forbes, it is considered one of the top 2000 largest public companies in the world, according to Forbes.

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