ORIX Corporation profile and corporate video

   ORIX Corporation is a Japanese diversified financial services group with headquarters in Minato, Tokyo, and Osaka, Japan. It was established on April 17, 1964, as Orient Leasing Co., Ltd., and it changed its name to ORIX Corporation in 1989.

   The company operates through the following segments: Corporate Financial, Automobile, Environment and Energy, Real Estate, Overseas Financial, Retail, and Other Business.

Corporate Financial

   The Corporate Financial segment provides leasing, financing, investment in ships and aircraft, and other services.


   The Automobile segment leases all types of vehicles for consumer and corporate use and offers maintenance leasing, car-sharing, and vehicle management services

Environment and Energy

   The Environment and Energy segment provides services in waste disposal, recycling, electric power generation, and renewable energy production

Real Estate

   The Real Estate segment involves real estate development, rental property, facility operations, investment, and asset management.

Overseas Financial (Finance and Consulting/Business Development/Aircraft and Ship investment)

   The Overseas Financial segment provides corporate/consumer financing, M&A advisory, asset management, ship/aircraft investment, and loan servicing.


   The Retail segment involves a broad range of retail services, including housing and car loans, loan servicing.

Other Business (Concessions/Agriculture)

   ORIX business also extends into agriculture and retail concessions.

   With more than 31 000 employees and a global network that spans 37 countries and regions worldwide, ORIX Corporation is considered one of the top 2000 largest public companies in the world, according to Forbes.

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**Video published on YouTube by “Orix“.