Vonovia SE history, profile and corporate video

   Vonovia SE is a German real estate company headquartered in Bochum, Germany. Its history goes back to Vonovia’s predecessor, a few German railway housing companies.

   Until the 1970s, Vonovia’s predecessor companies grew thanks to the expansion of social housing construction and new industry impulses such as condominiums and satellite towns.

   In 1989, an important change for the predecessor companies occurred with the abolition of the non-profit status for housing companies.

   A construction boom ensued in the new federal German states, and Vonovia’s predecessor expanded their range to include residential services.

   At the end of the 1990s, the German government decided to privatize railway workers’ homes as part of the railway reform.

   In 2001, Deutsche Annington and its owner Terra Firma acquired the railway housing companies.

   In the following years, Deutsche Annington took over several smaller holdings, for example, from Allianz and RWE.

   In 2003, the E.ON energy group put its real estate business up for sale under the name Viterra.

   In 2006, Deutsche Annington became the largest German housing company with the takeover of Viterra AG.

   In 2004, GAGFAH passed into the ownership of the investor Fortress. Deutsche Annington and GAGFAH took over numerous housing portfolios throughout Germany.

   By 2014, the private equity companies Terra Firma and Fortress had withdrawn as owners.

   In 2015, Deutsche Annington merged with GAGFAH, and the company was renamed Vonovia.

   The company is a service provider and a provider of housing for more than one million people. It is involved in constructing new housing and developing services to maintain the fabric of the buildings, including Technical service and Residential environment services.

Technical service

   Vonovia’s Technical Service takes care of all technical work, including Small and large craft services – from the maintenance and minor repairs to the modernizations of an apartment building.

Residential environment services

   Vonovia’s residential environment service provides services in the classical maintenance of open spaces, as well as for major projects and new construction in the garden and landscaping sector.

   With over 10 000 employees and more than 400 000 apartments in Germany, Sweden, and Austria, Vonovia SE is considered one of the top 2000 largest public companies in the world, according to Forbes.

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**Video published on YouTube by “Vonovia“.