Yunnan Baiyao Group Co., Ltd. profile and corporate video

 Yunnan Baiyao Group Co., Ltd. is engaged in the manufacture and distribution of traditional Chinese medicines. The company wholesales and retails purchased pharmaceuticals. It offers series of products under the YUNNAN BAIYAO brand name consisting of tincture, powder, capsule, plaster, woundplast and aerosol. The company provides health products, skin care ointments, shower and foot bath effervescent tablet, shoe disinfectant and deodorize aerosol, and first aid kits. It is also involved in hotel operation business, and securities and investment business. The company was founded on November 30, 1993 and is headquartered in Kunming, China.”

“About Yunnan Baiyao Group 

Yunnan Baiyao Group Co., Ltd. is one of the most well-recognized chinese pharmaceutical enterprises in Yunnan Province which has the largest scale, best brand, and most abundant strength abilities. It enjoys many reputations like one of the ten key large-scale enterprises in Yunnan province, one of the national innovative pilot enterprises in China, one of top 100 enterprises in China with the most dynamic energy, as well as one of the top 50 best performance enterprises. Group’s trademark is evaluated as one of the most famous trademark in China, which is popular among the public as a time-honored brand.
Yunnan Baiyao was successfully formulated by Mr. Qu Huanzhang in 1902, which was honored as “trauma panacea”. Through a-century-time continuously accumulation and development, Yunnan Baiyao has gone through forming stage, factory construction stage, and transformation stage. It has entered into its revolutionary strategic transformation stage with a rapid development since the turn of the 21st century.”

*Information from Forbes.com and Yunnanbaiyao.com.cn

**Video published on YouTube by “ firecracker888