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 “The father of industral design

 Peter Behrens was not only the father of German industrial design – he was also the founder of corporate identity. Working for AEG, Behrens was the first person to create logos, advertising material, and company publications with a consistent, unified design.

It may seem incredible today, but there was a time when industrial production was purely functional. Artistic merit and aesthetic sense were largely irrelevant in mass-produced goods; there was little harmony between form and function. At least, that was how it was until 1907, when a certain architect was appointed Artistic Consultant to AEG.

Allow us to introduce Professor Peter Behrens – a designer from Germany.

AEG is founded in Berlin by Emil Rathenau. It all starts with a few patents which Emil had bought from the American inventor Thomas Edison. The first product produced under the AEG brand is electric light bulbs.

AEG introduces the first transportable drilling machine.

Peter Behrens is appointed Artistic Consultant at AEG and becomes the world’s first industrial designer.

AEG introduces its first electric locomotive.

The birth of the first fully-automatic washing machine – the LAVAMAT.

AEG brings the first fully-electronic oven to the market.

AEG expands into identification systems such as transponders for tracking goods or animal identification.

AEG launches its first outdoor applications for LCD information systems used at many railways stations, airports, and on buses. However, AEG had utilized LCD technology as early as 1970.

AEG is incorporated in the Electrolux Group.

Over 123 years of inspiration are behind us. The next 125 are just beginning!”

*Information from Aeg.com

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