Alstom SA profile and history video

 Alstom SA engages in the provision of power generation, power transmission, and rail infrastructure. It operates through the following segments: Thermal Power, Renewable Power, Grid, Transport, and Corporate and Others. The Thermal Power segment offers a portfolio of thermal technologies and turnkey power plants, power generation services, and air quality control systems. The Renewable Power segment provides solutions for integrated power plants particularly hydroelectricity, wind, geothermal, biomass, solar thermal, wave, and tidal system energies; all types of turbine generators; and plant modernization and operational support services. Alstom provides global wind energy solutions from wind turbine design and supply to wind farm development, construction, and operation and maintenance services. The Grid segment includes equipment and engineered turnkey solutions for the management of power grids and electricity transmission from power plants to large end-users. The Transport segment is the provision of rail transport products, systems, and services. The company was founded on November 17, 1992, and is headquartered in Paris, France.

“Our Values: trust, team and action

Trust because… 

Mutual trust is essential for the proper conduct of our business and the efficient management of our projects. Trust is built on the responsibility given to each decision-maker, the delegation of authority, and the belief in the importance of each employee’s role in the Group’s development. It is based on the openness of each individual to his or her professional environment to ensure transparency.

Team because… 

Alstom’s business is based on our collective discipline and efforts to deliver and execute projects successfully, and networking to ensure we take full advantage of all the competencies available. This team spirit, grounded in our dedication to each employee’s development, extends to our collaboration with our partners and customers.

Action because… 

To reach Alstom’s commitment to delivering the very best products and services that exceed customer expectations, action is a priority for all of us.
Action is built on strategic thinking and underlined by our customer care, integrated into our daily activities and into each project. The action involves adopting clear priorities, a speed of execution that differentiates us from our competitors, and the ability to report the achievement of our business objectives. Leadership is essential to drive action.”

*Information from Forbes.com and Alstom.com

**Video published on YouTube by “Alstom