Doosan Corporation history, company profile (overview) and corporate video

       Doosan Corporation is a multinational conglomerate corporation (a multi-industry company) headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. It is one of the world’s largest heavy equipment manufacturers.


    • In 1896, founding Chairman Seung-Jik Park opened Korea’s first modern store, the original entity of Doosan, which later earned a reputation as a trendsetter for developing the first modern cosmetic products in Korea.
    • 1925: the company changed its name from Park Seung-Jik Store Limited to Doosan Store
    • 1953: Established the Oriental Brewery and began producing OB beer.
    • 1960: Established Dongsan Construction and Engineering (currently Doosan Engineering & Construction)/Acquired Hapdong News Agency (currently Yonhap News).
    • 1966: Founded Hanyang Food.
    • 1967: Founded Yoonhan Machinery (currently Doosan Mecatec).
    • 1978: Company name changed from OB Group to Doosan Group.
    • 1969: Founded Hankook Bottle and Glass.
    • 1979: Established Doosan CCK Can Manufacturing.
    • 1980: Founded OB Seagram.
    • 1982: Formed the OB Bears (currently Doosan Bears), the first Korean professional baseball team, won the very first Korean Series.
    • 1985: Acquired Donga Publishing (currently Doosan Dong-A), Acquired Baekhwa Brewery.
    • 1996: Celebrated Doosan’s 100th anniversary of our founding, Announced Doosan Group’s new CI.
    • 1998: Incorporated nine affiliates and re-launched the company as Doosan Corporation in September.
    • 2001: Doosan acquired Korea Heavy Industries & Construction (Currently Doosan Enerbility) – a globally recognized company specializing in power generation, desalination, casting-forging, and construction – changed its name to Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction.
    • 2007: Acquired 3 business divisions of Ingersoll Rand US, including Bobcat.
    • 2008: Acquired the Chung-Ang University Foundation – Y.S.Park took office as Chairman.
    • 2008: Sold off the liquor business and henceforth operated four main businesses, namely, Electro-materials, Fashion, Glonet, and Information & Communication.
    • 2009: Doosan Corporation converted into an operating holding company.
    • 2014: Doosan enters the fuel cell business.
    • 2017: Established Doosan Robotics.
    • 2018: Doosan Mobility Innovation(DMI) Sets Foot in UAV Fuel Cell Market.
    • 2020: Doosan Fuel Cell built the world’s first and largest byproduct hydrogen fuel cell power plant.
    • 2022: Doosan Corporation has launched Doosan Tesna by acquiring Tesna, the No. 1 company in semiconductor wafer testing in Korea.


    • Doosan Enerbility – specializes in integrated solutions for casting-forging products as the basic materials for industries, thermal, nuclear, and wind power generation, and desalination and water treatment facilities.
    • Doosan Bobcat – specializes in compact equipment, boasting of various business portfolios, including the industry’s best compact construction equipment such as mini loader and mini excavator, portable power, and attachment.
    • Doosan Industrial Vehicle – a manufacturer of global logistics equipment, as well as engine-type forklifts and electronic forklifts.
    • Doosan Fuel Cell – a provider of fuel cells with commercial fuel cell proprietary technology.
    • Doosan Tesna – specializes in providing testing services, the most essential part of the semiconductor post process.
    • Doosan Robotics – is armed with the world’s most diversified lineup of collaborative robots that boast high-performance torque sensors and industry-leading collision detection technology.
    • Doosan Mobility Innovation – it has applied self-developed mobile fuel cell technology to commercial drones.
    • Doosan Logistics Solutions – provides end-to-end solutions and services for the entire process required to build, renovate warehouses.
    • Doosan H2 Innovation – specializes in hydrogen production and the development of application technologies.
    • Oricom – Korea’s first full-service advertising agency that offers Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) services – i.e., advertising planning, creative, media, promotion, brand consulting, and digital consulting – to help increase clients’ brand value.
    • Hancomm – a general advertisement agency in Korea.
    • Doosan Magazine – is one of the leading companies in the Korean magazine industry. It launched “Vogue,” the world’s best fashion magazine.
    • The Doosan Bears – the country’s first professional baseball team.
    • Doosan Cuvex – operated separately for managerial support and facility management for the maximization of service value and specialization.
    • Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials – a provider of copper clad laminates(CCL), a base material of advanced IC package substrates as well as printed circuit boards(PCB) for every electronics.
    • Doosan Corporation Fuel Cell Power – a company engaged in the fuel cell sector with its technology portfolio ranging from core materials to fuel cell systems.
    • Doosan Digital Innovation – provides comprehensive IT services encompassing IT consulting, system setup, business system operation, IT infrastructure operation, etc.
    • Doosan Corporation Retail (Doota Mall) – is a unique shopping complex popular among fashion people, with a variety of fashion stores featuring trendy and high-quality K-designer brands, women’s and men’s clothing, sportswear, souvenir and gifts, and accessories, as well as famous restaurants and cafes.
    • Doosan Yonkang Foundation – involved in diverse projects, including its scholarship business, R&D financing, overseas training for teachers, educational welfare, sharing books, etc.
    • The Doosan Art Center – supports the latest efforts of young artists in its facilities, including Yonkang Hall, Space111, and Doosan Gallery.
    • The Doosan Business Research Institute (DBRI).

       With more than 2,000 employees, Doosan Corp. is considered one of the Largest Public Companies in the World, according to Forbes.

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