Meituan history, profile and corporate video

   Meituan is a Chinese e-commerce platform for services headquartered in Beijing, China. It can trace its roots back to the founding of meituan.com in 2010 by Wang Xing. Prior to starting Meituan, Wang Xing founded Xiaonei and Fanfou, which were based on Facebook and Twitter respectively.

   In 2012, the company launched an online booking service for movie tickets.

   In 2013, it launched the hotel reservations and catering takeaway services.

   In 2014, it launched the travel ticket booking service.

   In 2015, Meituan merged with Dazhong Dianping and changed its name to “Meituan-Dianping”. Dazhong Dianping was the owner of dianping.com (founded in 2003), which hosts consumer reviews of restaurants, similar to Yelp and TripAdvisor.

   In 2017, the fresh food supermarket business was launched to further expand the instant delivery service to fresh food and other non-catering takeaway categories.

   In 2018, the company acquired Mobike, a bike-sharing brand.

   In 2020, the company name was simplified to Meituan.

   Meituan operates several well-known mobile apps in China, including Meituan, Dianping, Meituan Waimai, and others. Its business comprises over 200 service categories, including catering, on-demand delivery, car-hailing, bike-sharing, hotel and travel booking, movie ticketing, and other entertainment and lifestyle services, covering over 2,800 cities and counties across China.

   With more than 58 000 employees, Meituan is considered one of the world’s largest online and on-demand delivery platforms. According to Forbes, it is considered one of the top 2000 largest public companies in the world.

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**Video published on YouTube by “Ying Wu“.