Wärtsilä Oyj Abp history, profile and history video

 Wärtsilä Oyj Abp is engaged in the provision of power solutions for the marine and energy markets. The company handles two business areas: Ship Power and Power Plants. The Ship Power business operates through five segments: Merchant, Offshore, Cruise and Ferry, Special Vessels and Navy. The Power Plant business operates through the following product segments: Flexible Baseload, Grid Stability and Peaking, Industrial Self-Generation and the Oil & Gas Industry. The Flexible Baseload segment optimizes power plants for baseload operations. The Grid Stability and Peaking segment sets power plants for peaking and load following solutions. The Industrial Self-Generation segment also uses power plants for baseload operations and the Oil & Gas Industry segment handles oil and gas operations. The company was founded on April 12, 1834 and is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland.

“Wartsila History

  • 2013: Wartsila to build and service world’s biggest tri-fuel plant in Jordan.
  • 2012: Wärtsilä acquires Hamworthy plc, a UK-listed engineering company focussed on the marine and oil and gas sectors
  • 2011: Wärtsilä opens its global logistics center at Kampen, the Netherlands
  • 2010: Majority of the propeller production and auxiliary engine production was moved to China
  • 2009: Wärtsilä joins UN Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate social responsibility initiative
  • 2008: Wärtsilä acquires the global ship design group Vik-Sandvik and Conan Wu & Associates Pte Ltd (CWA), a leading naval architecture and ship design company inSingapore
  • 2007: Wärtsilä Ship Power was reorganised into five Ship Power customer segments: Merchant, Offshore, Cruise&Ferry, Navy, and special vessels
  • 2006: The Ciserv-group was integrated into the Wärtsilä Services organisation and discontinued brand names Ciserv and Sulzer
  • 2005: Wärtsilä acquires DEUTZ-marine large-engine service business for the following five years exclusive, thereafter non-exclusive open for Deutz
  • 2003: Wärtsilä Ltd is caught up in Sweden’s largest-ever bribery prosecution; Wärtsilä found not guilty in all instances in the so-called Gotland case
  • 2004: Wärtsilä’s Chinese propeller company started production
  • 2002: The Ciserv-group, led by Pierpaolo Barbone, expanded in Singapore, Denmark, and Canada. Wärtsilä acquired John Crane-Lips, which operates within Wärtsilä under the name Wärtsilä Propulsion
  • 2001: Wärtsilä sells its holding in Sanitec and takes ownership of service companies Ciserv AB and Sermet Oy
  • 2000: Wärtsilä NSD and John Crane-Lips sign an alliance; Metra group is renamed Wärtsilä Corporation
  • 1999: The split of the Cummins-Wärtsilä joint venture
  • 1997: In April, Wärtsilä Diesel absorbed the former Switzerland-based Sulzer Brothers Ltd. division called New Sulzer Diesel (NSD) to form Wärtsilä NSD. The reference to the name “Sulzer” is until the first quarter of 2006 used in the designation of engines Wärtsilä inherited from NSD. Wärtsilä NSD Corporation is created
  • 1995: Wärtsilä Diesel and Cummins Engine Company Inc. set up joint venture Cummins-Wärtsilä
  • 1991: Imatra Steel is created when Ovako AB is split up between its owners, Metra and SKF
  • 1990: Merged into Lohja Corporation, later renamed Metra Corporation
  • 1989: Bankruptcy of Wärtsilä Marine – the biggest bankruptcy in Northern Europe until then
  • 1989: Wärtsilä Diesel acquires SACM and Stork Werkspoor B.V. This company is renamed Stork-Wärtsilä Diesel B.V.
  • 1988: A company is set up in India and floated on the Bombay Stock Exchange
  • 1984: Quoted on the London Stock Exchange
  • 1981: Manufactured hovercraft Larus
  • 1978: Acquisition of 51% of the NOHAB diesel business, the remaining shares are acquired in 1984
  • 1965: The company is renamed Oy Wärtsilä Ab
  • 1938: Wärtsilä signs a licence agreement and the first diesel engine is built in Turku, Finland, in 1942
  • 1936: Acquisition of the Onkilahti engineering workshop in Vaasa
  • 1898: The sawmill and iron works company is renamed Wärtsilä Ab
  • 1834: Establishment in the municipality of Tohmajärvi”

*Information from Forbes.com and Wikipedia.org

**Video published on YouTube by “wartsilacorp